It was a large crowd (I’m guesstimating 150) that turned out Sunday afternoon for the unveiling of an historic marker denoting the “segregation fence” that from the 1930s to the 1960s separated black and white communities in North Arlington.

(Much of the fencing still exists, as it was put up by homeowners some 80 years ago; today’s property owners most likely were unaware of the history until the decision was made to put up the marker.)

The signage, of course, doesn’t celebrate the original intent of the original fencing. It salutes efforts to note work done in recent decades to move past the county’s segregationist past.

“This is a phenomenal occasion. It just touches my heart,” said Alexandra Bocian, president of the John M. Langston Citizens Association, which represents residents of Halls Hill/High View Park, the historically African-American community on the north side of the fence.

That the process of developing the historical marker took some time is evident: The signage says it was placed on the site in 2016, which went in the history books some weeks back. But that quibble aside, it’s an interesting tribute to a little-remembered moment of the past that deserves more attention.

All News Is Hyperlocal, After All – Even the Oscars

Monday morning brought the temptation to post an article with the headline “Washington-Lee Graduate Key Player in Screwup at Oscars.”

Warren Beatty was Warren Beaty (one “t”) back when he attended the high school in the 1950s. Showing the leadership skills that served him well through the decades, he even was elected student-government president back in the day.

We’ll let the arguments flow as to whether Beatty should have stopped the proceedings at the Academy Awards before handing the supposed Best Picture envelope to Faye Dunaway (his “Bonnie & Clyde” compatriot). One New York Daily News writer was uncharitable: “Brain-dead Warren Beatty Completely to Blame” read the headline.

– Scott

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