Yours truly has a theory. To wit: Before I end up in the great beyond (hopefully there are a few more years left), we as a nation will be formally taking the entire week of Thanksgiving off.

After all, go back long enough and it was just Thursday that most people got off. Then government and many businesses added Friday – why give up a four-day holiday when the opportunity presents itself?

Now, it would become a five-day holiday (at least for Virginia state-government employees) if a legislator has his way.

Del. Paul Krizek has introduced legislation for the 2019 General Assembly session that would designate the day before Thanksgiving as “Indigenous Peoples Day” and, rather than just have it as a commemorative event, would make it a full legal holiday, meaning state workers would have the day off.

Let’s say it passes – not really betting on it, but just for discussion purposes – it’ll only take two more holidays and we can call the entire week one big vacation. Because that kind of scheduling has worked so well for the French ........

I Must Be Getting Soft in My Old Age

Lordy, for the second time in three days I will be saying something nice about a Washington Post staffer.

Proving the adage that a broken clock is still right twice a day, Post columnist Petula Dvorak (who has the most, mmm, interesting mug shot accompanying her work) actually had a decent column a couple of days ago, focused on the challenge facing Arlington School Board members on the naming of what is now H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program but soon enough will revert to a neighborhood middle school.

The fight over the name is not directly related to the Washington-Lee brouhaha, but as one observer of the local scene (me) said long ago: Once you open this can of worms, it will not stop – and it will cause School Board members lots of headaches.

My only particular quibble with the Dvorak article is that she refers to H-B Woodlawn as “Hippy High,” something that’s been out of fashion since, oh, 1975 or so. It’s like when newbies in the local media who keep trying to force the acronym“DMV” (District, Maryland, Virginia) on a region that has never used it and doesn’t want it.

– Scott

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