Not one, not two, but three Arlington churches – of three different denominations, in disparate locations – were on my rounds yesterday, as I traveled to events and dropped off newspapers to our fans in the community.

The toodling took me to Macedonia Baptist Church in Nauck, followed by Clarendon United Methodist Church and then St. Andrews Episcopal Church up above Lee Highway. Quite the multi-denominational round trip.

I even had the chance, at Clarendon UMC, to enjoy a brief service that included a feature I’d never experienced before – parishioners got the chance to shout of the numbers of hymns in the hymnbook, and everyone then sang the chosen ones. Not sure if I’ve coined a phrase, but I termed it “hymnal bingo.”

Looking Back at the Never-Setting Sun

The Falls Church News-Press (home to one of my favorite comics, “Nick-Knack” – I am a sucker for the puns) this week has an article by “Our Man in Arlington” columnist Charlie Clark, about the history of the Northern Virginia Sun, predecessor of the Sun Gazette.

He even quotes me. Well, lordy be!

I noticed only one small oopsie in the otherwise pristine article. It says the today’s Sun Gazette is owned by Rappahannock Media. That’s the company that recently purchased a number of our sibling papers, but we’re still a part of the interestingly named HPR-Hemlock LLC.

Scandalous Back in the Day, But Will It Hold Up in 2018 Reruns?

Antenna TV, a station that despite its name you can receive both over the air and on cable, has started airing episodes of the late-1970s comedy/parody “Soap” at 8:30 p.m. on weekdays.

It was, apparently, quite the scandalous show when it first came out, running in late-night in an effort to avoid the censors and sidestep umbrage from those who are perpetualy outraged about everything.

I tuned in last night and its seemed a tad tame by comparison to the schlockfests, news and entertainment, that fill the airwaves these days.

Among others, Billy Cristol got a big boost to his career on the show as a guy mulling whether to have a sex-change operation. And an R.I.P. to Canadian actor Donnelly Rhodes, who portrayed Dutch, an escaped con who hides out with one of the families in the show. Rhodes died a few days ago at age 81 (if you believe the New York Times) or 80 (if you are a Fox New aficionado).

– Scott

- Scott

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