Long before the vote totals were in, the writing was on the wall for both Barbara Comstock and John Vihstadt, who were victims of a large Democratic turnout across Northern Virginia.

The air several weeks ago clearly went out of the Comstock campaign, which saw where things were headed, and she was an early casualty of the night, falling to Democrat Jennifer Wexton in the 10th District.

Vihstadt’s battle for survival was closer, but in the end, his quest to win a second full term on the Arlington County Board fell short, as Democrat Matt de Ferranti picked up the seat.

Vihstadt becomes the first full-term County Board member ousted since (play along at home if you think you know) Walter Frankland Jr. in 1983.

He Nailed It

Late last week, former Arlington Treasure Frank O’Leary, who dissects turnout data to project election results, opined that if the Arlington electorate was so large that 100,000 votes were cast for County Board, Democrat Matt de Ferranti would win with about 53 percent of the vote.

Presto: Arlington voters indeed cast just over 100,000 votes in that race, and de Ferranti ended up with 53 percent, according to unofficial results.

If it’s Wednesday, Amazon Must Be Coming to [Fill in the Blank]

Just two days after The Washington Post read the tea leaves and predicted (with some caveats) that Amazon was coming to Arlington, news came yesterday that, wait, the company probably is going to split its new “HQ2” between two communities, likely Crystal City and the New York City environs.

Wait ... what?

This is why these types of media guessing games, which in Amazon’s case has been going on for months, are not helping the industry’s reputation. You had to figure that, particularly in this case, those who know haven’t been talking, and those who are talking don’t know.

We’ll all know when we know, probably sooner rather than later.

But this all poses two interesting questions:

• Did all the localities that begged and pleaded to be the chosen one get played?

• Were Arlington officials amateurish enough to actually talk to the media last week, and if so, did it materially hurt the county’s chances in this sweepstakes?

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– Scott

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Arlington’s Millennials are angry at Vihstadt for spoiling their ongoing party and voted to return the County to the free range hipster circus it was 5 years ago.

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