U.S. Sen. Mark Warner dropped by the monthly meeting of the Arlington County Democratic Committee last night, offering some thoughts on where the national political scene is headed as 2018 skedaddles into 2019.

Specifically, Warner said it would be up to the new Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives to decide how it wanted to proceed. Would Democrats – particularly the aggressive newbies – try to work with Republicans and gain some legislative successes, or would they battle the Republicans in hopes of winning the whole enchilada (House, Senate, presidency) in 2020?

(As Homer Simpson would say: “Mmmmmm, enchiladas!” But I digress.)

One guesses that Warner would prefer Democrats in the House take the “let’s get along and get some things accomplished route.” But as he told Arlington Dems, “I don’t have a vote there.”

And as an aside, it certainly sounds like Warner is gearing up for a re-election bid in 2020. Although he could also become one of the 25,395 Democrats who enter the party’s presidential-nomination sweepstakes.

And They’re Off!

Arlington Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid Morroy traditionally is an early announcer when it comes to re-election bids, and last night she formally launched her 2019 campaign, the first in Arlington Democratic circles to do so.

If she wins – and that’s a likelihood for a variety of reasons – it will be a fifth term for Morroy, who was first elected in 2003.

There will be 14 local races (counting seats in the legislature) on Arlington’s political agenda next year, so expect a whole lot more announcements coming in the next two months. Some of the races could end up being interesting, if those who are saying they’ll challenge incumbents within the Democratic nomination process follow through. We’ll see.

– Scott

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