Details for Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence
I, Chanté-Lanet: Dove in the name of
the Almighty Creator, By my Declaration
of Independence solemnly Publish and
Declare my Right to expatriate absolute,
my res in trust to the foreign jurisdiction
known as the municipal corporation of the
District of Columbia, a democracy, and return to the Republic. I am NOT a born or
naturalized 14th Amendment citizen of or
in the District of Columbia (DC), the federal
United States or any other territory, area or
enclave Within the United States. Any and
all past and present political ties implied
by operation of law or otherwise in trust
with the democracy is hereby dissolved.
I, Chanté -Lanet:Dove have full power to
contract, establish commerce as found
being guaranteed by the Bill of Rights
being the full first 10 Amendments to the
constitution of the [u]nited States of America, a Republic.
So Done this 26th day of August, 2019.


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