What constitutes a best Gruyere cheese display? I ask as the reply to the question is one that I am pondering. Pondering because the right (or best answer) has been dangled before me to win a free trip to Le Gruyere, Switzerland.

Is the “best” display several stacked 80-pound wheels of Switzerland’s famous Gruyere cheese?  Impressive (and costly) to be sure, but what about taking this stack and carving out a diorama of the Canton of Fribourg?  Fribourg you see is the “county” in which Gruyere is made. In your mind can you picture a diorama of Fribourg  (albeit in miniature) carved out of cheese? Maybe the contest is getting me to overthink the question.

Perhaps another direction altogether is in order.  Envision, if you will, a kinetic sculpture created in the style of Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely’s creations.  A kinetic sculpture that depicts the flow of AOC milk (produced in permitted areas) to the creation of Gruyere cheese would be a game changer.  I mean his sculptures are at museums all over France and Switzerland. The concern with this plan (at least in my mind) is that a sculpture depicting the flow of milk to cheese would be so awesome that it would somehow end up in France.  Consider that several of Tinguely’s best-known sculptures already are. So that might not be marketing Switzerland or Gruyere.

Moving on – there’s another option- a best promotion.  My best promotion is easy, “Gruyere to Gruyere.” Connect the consumers to the AOC (region where the cheese is produced) through technology and taste for an amazing experience. What do I mean? Imagine an online portal where Gruyere loving Americans could text /post “selfies” of themselves enjoying Gruyere. At the same time farmers, cheesemakers and cheese agers in the Swiss AOP would also post pictures of what goes into making Gruyere. The collection of content could be seen and voted upon online.

What is the reward for this “best” promotion (other than the potential for amazing cheese eating experiences)? I envision a life swap where Gruyere loving Americans could win a week in Le Gruyere, Switzerland and AOC Gruyere producers could win a week in a cheese-producing region of America.

Yes, I have to agree that it’s all a bit far fetched. I mean does anyone actually win these contests?  Collectively we have all become so jaded as to fake promotions and restrictions on contests that it’s easy to give up believing that you could actually win something.  Just in case though, I am getting my passport ready and stocking the cheese case with Gruyere.  You don’t want to miss out on a cheese that’s been made in the same way for more than 900 years.  That’s truly something worth discovering.


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