If you are a turophile (cheese lover) or there’s one in your family, you need to make plans to attend The Festival of Cheese July 28 ,2018 at Pittsburgh’s David L.Lawrence Convention Center.  If you are not salivating about the idea of attending already, your will power is about to be tested.

Consider that The American Cheese Society’s annual festival offers unlimited samples of more than 2,000 artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheeses. Cheeses of every imaginable style and flavor profile from the 2018 American Cheese Society Judging & Competition. All of this cheese deliciousness is served alongside gourmet foods and libations. Oh, now I have your attention?  Good – because it gets even better.

The Festival of Cheese also features a cheese sale. I know, right?  Evil genius.  Here, you will have the opportunity to browse among the cheese. Several hundreds of pounds of cheese.  Yes, I said hundreds of pounds. Browse and select incredible artisan cheeses from producers around the country at amazingly reasonable prices. Even better, all of this cheese is being sold for a great cause – education.

Indeed, all Cheese Sale proceeds benefit the nonprofit American Cheese Education Foundation (www.cheesefoundation.org).  Veteran cheese shoppers, yes people travel the country for this amazing one evening event, know that this is the time to stock up and savor the best that American Cheese makers have to offer.

Need more convincing?  Ok, as the 2018 Cheese Sale Lead, me and several of the nation’s best cheesemongers will be there.  More than just looking awesome in aprons, we are there  to guide your selections and help you plan for what to do with 30 (or so) pounds of cheese at once.  Mac and cheese freezes well and surely it’s been too long since you have hosted a neighborhood cheese party – right?

Oh, and is this the largest one day “pop – up” cheese shop ever?  While we may, or may not  break records for cheese volume, I do know that your presence will boost the attendance towards our goal. That and it will be delicious with or without an award for world’s largest Pop up Cheese Shop. Secure your tickets  now and I look forward to seeing you there!



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