The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been the premier showcase of innovative technology since 1967.  The types of products introduced at this event through the years include:  VCRs, CDs, Satellite Radio, Xbox, and 3D printers just to name a few. CES allows manufacturers to update existing products including:  8K TVs, new laptops, computer hardware, and 5G updates.

This year’s show was in the second week of January and the number of new and exciting announcements did not disappoint.  Not every product announced is actually released, but here a few that I expect will available later this year.

  1. Rollable TV by LG - This OLED TV is expected to be released in the second half of 2019 and features a rollable screen that sits inside a Dolby Atmos sound system.  The screen will be 65 inches in size and is made up of horizontal slats that are raised and lowered into a soundbar case by an electronic arm.  LG hasn’t announced any pricing yet, but my guess is it will be rather expensive.

  2. Driverless Taxi by Yandex – You must check out the video by Marques Brownlee riding in a true driverless taxi in Las Vegas.  It is hard to believe that no one is in the driver’s seat.  This really is the future of automobiles. This video shows a real driverless car maneuvering in real-world traffic around Las Vegas with real-time views on how the car interprets the environment around it.  

  3. Samsung Robots– Samsung in the United States is primarily thought about in terms of cell phones and TVs, but did you know that Samsung runs one of the top-rated medical centers in South Korea?  Samsung spends a lot of resources on products to assist in home health.  The first was an assistant dubbed Bot Care. Bot Care can help remind you to take your medicine, detect a fall, call 911, and follow you around the house to help with other tasks.  Samsung also demoed their Gait Enhancing Motivation System (GEMS) that is an exoskeleton designed to assist with walking, stairs, and stability issues.

  4. Impossible Burger 2.0 – It’s a little strange to think of something food related at a technology show, but the Impossible Burger was named one of the best and most unexpected products to be unveiled.  The Impossible Burger is a plant-based burger and 2.0 is the updated “model”.  Food engineering is not new, as scientists have been working to create meat substitutes that taste like the real thing, are more environmentally friendly, and can meet the ever-growing global demand for meat.  Attendees at this year’s CES were blown away by the taste of the Impossible Burger. It is expected to be served at a few-high end restaurants by early February. Next on their list is tackling steak.

CES is also a showcase for technology that is still in development or in the mock up stage.  This year was no exception with demos for wireless powering devices and Uber and Bell Helicopters unveiled a full-size mockup of an electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL), 6-rotor aircraft that they want to release by 2023.  It looks like something out of the Terminator movies.

What new technology products are you most excited for that were showcased at this year’s CES?  What do you wish was being worked on?


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