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Alana Durica loves setting goals.

The rising ninth grader at Eastern View High School also loves achieving those goals - and on Tuesday afternoon she celebrated accomplishing a notable goal in her life, completing the Girl Scouts Silver Award.

Alana’s project for Silver Award was creating and installing a Little Free Library at the Culpeper Sports Complex, just behind the concession stand and restrooms. She worked for hours with her grandfather Boyd Connally to build the Little Free Library from scratch, doing everything but running the table saw.

“I still have all my fingers,” she joked.

Alana’s drive is what sets her apart, said Carrie Waltz, Girl Scout Troop 38173 Leader. The Silver Award requires a Girl Scout to complete 50 hours of community service toward one concept with sustainability within the community. She accomplished that goal and will continue to service the Little Free Library for the next four years. 

“She’s gone above and beyond,” Waltz said. “She’s already completed her hours by building this and collecting the books, but she’s going to maintain this for four years for the sustainability.”

She plans to pass it on to Girl Scouts in the future to help maintain the Little Free Library. Her planning and dedication are what defines her, Waltz said. 

“Alana has a lot of independence, she’s extremely responsible and resourceful,” Waltz said. “She’s a goal setter and a goal getter.”

Alana, who has also won the Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby Stock division in 2018, prides herself on her goal setting. So when it came time to plan the Silver Award project, she had a course already set. 

“I think reading is very important to young kids and kids of all ages,” Alana said. “I always had the opportunity to read and I wanted to make sure other kids had the same opportunity.”

She approached Mike Skelton,of Culpeper County Parks and Rec, and he suggested the Sports Complex for the high visibility and traffic. She presented her project to the Parks and Rec committee and was unanimously approved. 

“It means a lot because I love to set goals and achieve them, and this is something I set almost a year ago,” Alana said.

Alana joined Girl Scouts five years ago and has steadily been climbing the ranks. 

“My brother was in Boy Scouts and I had heard so much about how Girl Scouts helps you in life and they teach you things you can use for the rest of your life,” Alana said. “I was encouraged by my parents and my grandparents to do it because I had heard it was such a great experience.”

She credited her grandfather with being a huge help during the project.

“He really helped me build this, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him,” Alana said. “He let me use his work shop. I love spending time with my grandparents and this was just different spending six hours working with him on something that would really benefit me.”

She also thanks Charity Revutin for donating the Little Free Library plaque and Lowes for donating all of the wood for the project. Garrett Roofing donated the roofing and Home Depot donated all the shingles.

Her parents, Todd and Heather Durica, said they had no doubt she would achieve her goal of earning the Silver Award. 

“I’m very proud of her when she sets her goals and achieves them,” Heather said.

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