Hair and there


When you walk into Hair and There, you feel like family.

That’s by design as owners Wendy and Richard Lukstat have made the hair salon/decor store a home away from their home, along with their daughter Kristin Harrington.

Harrington, is the salon director at Hair and There, a store that offers the unique combination of hair styling along with home decor.

Four barbers chairs adorn the left of the shop, and provide a perfect view of Wendy’s home creations - staging a country chic feel with vintage items.

Wendy, who admits to having an eclectic background in cosmetology, managing and makeup, said this has been her dream to open a shop like Hair and There for years.

“I have my hair license, I have always had a passion for staging,” Wendy said. “I just saw this in a magazine, and I’ve been saying this for years. I’ll move furniture at night and my husband will get up in the morning and he won’t know where he is or what he’s going to walk into.”

The staging takes center stage in the 2,000 square foot shop, with Wendy’s vision featuring items that she’s found on her many antiquing trips.

“I feel like it’s a gift,” Wendy said. “I like to take care of things that are older too. Houses, as well as furniture. I like to give a groovy feel to it.”

Wendy’s effervescent personality is a perfect fit for downtown Culpeper, as she welcomed guests to 121 East Culpeper St. during a ribbon cutting Thursday.

They came to Culpeper after helping Kristin and her husband Derek find a home in the county - moving them from Northern Virginia so they would be closer to their granddaughter.

“Kathy (Campbell, of Settle Down Realty) was representing the seller and I was representing the buyer and that’s how I met her,” Richard said. “That’s part of the journey to get here.”

Once they discovered the location beside Uncle Elder’s BBQ, they knew they had found the perfect place to begin their dream.

For Kristin and Derek, the Culpeper setting only made sense as his grandparents used to operate the Harrington House West Bed and Breakfast in the county.

“We grew up coming out to Culpeper so I knew a little bit about the area,” Derek said. “I knew how much it’s grown. It still has the small, historic feel to it, which we love.”

“It’s such a friendly town,” Wendy said. “It’s still a very warm town.”

Kristin has been cutting hair for 10 years and relishes the opportunity to have her own shop.

“I’ve always had a dream of doing it, but this one (pointing at her mom) is the one that takes the chances,” Kirstin said. “My mom was the one to really push that forward. I had amazing clientele in Fairfax Corner and I wasn’t fully ready to let go of (them).”

Luckily, she hasn’t had to as her clients have traveled to Culpeper to get their hair cut. They come as far as Maryland and Leesburg - and now have a blast looking at the rustic home stagings Wendy provides.

“They can walk around while their hair is processing,” Wendy said. “My husband and Derek did the grunt work. It was a family effort putting this together. It’s been really cool.”

She said the furniture and stagings will be changing often - she’s looking all the time time buy new pieces.

“My husband will think I’m going to the grocery store,” Wendy said. “I find items everywhere.”

Richard said working with the Culpeper business community has been amazing, praising his relationship with landlord Ron Frazier.

“When we came to this spot, when we came to this town we knew this was the place to start this and be part of this and dig in,” Richard said. “We’re so thrilled everyone is so receptive of it.”

The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce and Culpeper Renaissance Inc. welcomed them to the community Thursday.

“Thank you for choosing Culpeper,” Culpeper Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Wes Mayles said. “We’re excited not just for a new member to the chamber but a new member to Culpeper. We’re hoping for great things and great success for them.”

CRI Executive Director Jessica Jenkins echoed those sentiments.

“We look forward to helping you and helping your business grow and prosper,” Jenkins said.

The shop will be open Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contact them at 540.485.4931.

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