This article will be our last as we are passing the torch to the future owners of the Frenchman’s Corner, Edward Hanlin and Larry Walters.

We have had a very good run over the last 17 years and it will be emotionally difficult to say our farewells to a community that has welcomed us since 1989 and allowed us to bring pleasure through chocolate to the community since 2001.  As the saying goes; “home is where the heart is” and Culpeper has been our home.

Culpeper is a very special as a community.  Not only is the area naturally beautiful, the people are very kind.  We will miss the friendship of our colleagues within the historic Downtown, the crazy Halloween costumes, the visits with kids who come into our shop to visit with the self-proclaimed Goofy (the Frenchman) handing out lollipops, and the conversations with customers.  Lastly, and most importantly, is the look on people’s faces when they eat one of our chocolates or other desserts.

The road we have travelled with our customers has been filled with sweetness, joy and, at times, tears as we have had to say goodbye to dear customers who in many ways became such an important part of our Frenchman’s Corner family as have many of our customers.

When we first began inside the entrance of what was then the Hazel River Inn, there were many who told us that we would not succeed, that locals would never appreciate our products!  Well, Culpeper, we fooled the naysayers. Our customers have helped us become the #1 independent Neuhaus retailer in the United States for the last seven years.

We wish to extend a special thank you to our staff, who as a team, have been the backbone of our business.  Also, thank you to Susan Bernhard, the owner of the Cameleer, who has been such a staunch supporter before we even opened.  Lastly, thank you to Culpeper Renaissance staff, who are such a vital part of making downtown Culpeper what it is today.

Someone once said that behind every successful man stands a very strong woman.  Thank you to my wife, Meg, for being my north star. What would I do without your incredible energy and love.

Just to clarify what appears to be some confusion, I am only retiring from brick and mortar retail due to the limitations with my health.  We will still be a part of the community and will still be at the Frenchman’s Corner until the end of 2019 to provide Edward, the new face of the shop, the support and training necessary to ensure the continuity of the Frenchman’s Corner.  After that, we head out west to enjoy different views. Please stop by the Frenchman’s Corner to welcome Edward and Larry on their new journey.


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