Culpeper Town Council voted 9-0 Tuesday night to approve a new monument at Yowell Meadow Park.

The Sons of the American Revolution and the Virginia Mist Group will partner to donate part of the funds to construct a Minute Men monument along with a Charters of Freedom Monument, located near the small parking lot by the basketball courts - above the floodplain.

Culpeper Town Councilman Pranas Rimeikis questioned the use of taxpayer dollars to help fund the project, saying the project was not in the capital improvement plan for the fiscal year.

The total cost of the project is $33,845 with the Sons of the American Revolution paying $16,115. The town will pay $17,730 to pave the nearly 1,500 square foot area - a 30-foot diameter circle - reinforce concrete footers, add access sidewalks and to provide benches and landscaping.

The SAR’s donation will include the historical panels needed for the Charters of Freedom Monument - replicas of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Rimeikis asked if money for the project was appropriated for the project.

Director of Planning and Community Development Charles Rapp answered that it was not.

“My concern is about financing and the process we through,” Rimeikis said. “This is the second month in a row we’ve taken money appropriated and put it somewhere else.”

Rimeikis expressed concern with “how we’ve been doing business and now we’re doing business a different way.”

Culpeper Town Councilman Bobby Ryan said he supported the project but he too was concerned about the cost.

“I’m very enthused about this project, the only concern I have is that it will cost taxpayers,” Ryan said.

Councilman Keith Price, also a member of the SAR, said the reason the project started two years ago, was tabled and was brought back to committee late last year was because the SAR had to come up with more elements - which spawned the Charters of Freedom monuments.

After discussion, Town Council voted 9-0 to approve the monument.

Price estimated the project would be finished in the summer or fall.

The Virginia Mist Group Inc. has volunteered to donate granite for the Minute Men monument at a cost avoidance of $5,000. The Charters of Freedom Foundation will provide materials and construction support to construct the Charters of Freedom monuments.

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