White Horse

A new car wash galloped into Culpeper last week.


White Horse Auto Wash, located at a former car wash along Bus. 29, publicized its launch with a ribbon cutting on Friday, May 24.


Culpeper is the fourth location of White Horse Auto Wash, with the other three in Warrenton, Woodbridge and Charlottesville. The new car wash is located on James Madison Hwy - neighboring dozens of stores visited by the residents of Culpeper everyday. In fact, this location impacted the decision of where to place the new car wash. Karen Nalls, director of logistics at the car wash, commented on the new location in Culpeper.


“We did our determination on where to place the car wash and geographically where would be the best place for cars to get in and out without causing a big pileup,” Nalls said. With that kind of traffic nearby, it’s not surprising that the car wash is expected to have significant impacts on Culpeper citizens. Culpeper mayor Michael Olinger believes that the new car wash will be advantageous and convenient for citizens.


“With people's busy schedules taking kids to soccer or football or whatever kind of practice, I mean it's just going to be a good thing for Culpeper - to be able to bring your car through and get it washed, get it vacuumed, get it done,” Olinger said, “and it's very reasonably priced.”


There are many deals that can be purchased at the car wash, said Tony Barney, manager of the new car wash.


“We've probably signed up about 500 for the monthly program which is $24 for exterior and they can come everyday,” Barney said.

There are multiple monthly-payment plans, including full service and exterior-only options. Besides the financial accessibility to Culpeper citizens, the new car wash leaves other economic impacts, including new job opportunities in Culpeper. According to Barney, there are currently 38 employed at this White Horse location, with the expectation to employ 30 full-time. In addition, the new car wash gives high schoolers and young people in the area a chance to gain work experience. Barney commented on the younger workers - and how they are beneficial to the business.


“We have probably 19/18 kids here right here that'll stay in school, so when they get out of school they come straight here. And they're some of the best workers,” Barney said. He also teaches the kids how to be productive and efficient workers.


“I always explained to them you only do one thing you wash cars. That's all we do here. If we don't wash cars good, then we [are] out of business,” Barney said. With this experience right out of school, White Horse Auto Wash gives teens the opportunity to reap the economic benefits the car wash generates. Despite the effort to achieve excellence, if the customer is unsatisfied, the car wash welcomes any feedback.


“We actually appreciate when customers let us know what we didn't do correctly because it gives us that constructive criticism to go back and and improve,” said Nalls. Besides bringing exemplary customer service to Culpeper, the car wash may be a stepping stone to even more business in Culpeper.


“I think Culpeper is always looking to add business, I mean, we're very business friendly and we work with folks to get business located here,” Olinger said, “so I think it will lead to other things, yes.”


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