Two weeks ago, I began a series concerning differing thoughts regarding the history of lynching in Virginia and a resolution before the 2019 General Assembly “acknowledging with profound regret.” That dialogue continues below.
Referencing the following post on FB. article published Sunday, Jan. 13 by the Culpeper Star Exponent.
This work is exactly what is meant to be an American and an American that acknowledges the mistakes and aims to get better and better! There are thousands of descendants who have suppressed their pain and fear based on the existence of such horrific realities in their lives and their communities. Please know that there is a large and growing "support group" that has stepped up and they are waiting to walk with you!! We are together.

Reader 2: …This is a person who has been educated far beyond their intelligence. Clearly a liberal schooled academic and has a deep need to show it. No, I am not dwelling in the past, these people are. It's a scab on a healing sore or better, old scar tissue (on some), from LONG, LONG, LONG ago. As an academic you should know from Soc 101 that we cannot judge past actions by today's standards. Period. And as long as they dwell on the past they can not look forward. "Looking backwards, you back into the future blind." as the saying goes. Not worth wasting more time. Simply put, this is old news, we are one of the truly least racist nations now in history and the first to outlaw slavery. Get over it and move on.
Zann: I appreciate your response and your willingness to engage in a dialogue. I found your comments worthy of a reply. 

Let’s take your analogy to the picking off a scab. We apparently agree that there exists a scab and if you are using a medical analysis there are other elements to consider. In most cases, particularly in skin cancer situations when a sore does not heal as in when a scab remains, it is an indication that something else is going on. Are we to assume that your prescription would be to ignore and hope it will go away on its own? The medical recommendation is to treat the sore, first by determining its source or cause and then by if possible, eradicating the cause so that true healing may occur. Seems like a sound plan.

Your comment about those who “dwell on the distant past rather than the present state of Black affairs and the future” is interesting. Are they not the same folks who are now seeking acknowledgement and reconciliation for those minorities (Blacks, Native Americans, Jews, Asians, and the Irish just to name a few) who suffered tragedies, discrimination and oppression that are also leading the efforts to today to bring recognition and improvements for the future? How do you feel about #BlackLivesMatter or the #metoo movements?

And to your last comment: “There will be no progress made as the #WalkAway movement says until folks stop being permanent victims.” I find it thought -provoking that for the most part those that advocate for the get over it/move on/don’t dwell on the past are the descendants of the cultural majority that perpetrated the horrific offenses: offenses that were ignored, overlooked or condoned. Has nothing changed? I looked at the #walkaway website and am perplexed as it appears to be very political and focused on the 2018 Midterm elections: the walk away was from the Democratic Party. I am not clear that efforts toward owning our history-the good, bad and ugly has anything to do with partisan politics. Are we still of the mindset that the best policy is one of diversion, cover-up and obfuscation? Where does that lead us? Why are we so afraid to address our past mistakes?

Lastly, though you may not be one who advocates for some type of pure American, White Supremacy, or other such ideology that tends to perpetuate the travesties of the past, however you may be able to shed some light on a few issues/questions for me or point me to someone else who can. You suggest that anyone wishing to right a wrong against a past grievance is characterized as a permanent victim. If we do not attempt to correct the known history in all its details are, we not perpetuating our own descended state of the victim that was proliferated at the time as a rationale for lynchings. Were we as the white community really victims then and are you suggesting that that philosophy should be upheld rather than blown out of the water?

Many of those who advocate for doing nothing, continuing the blind eye and deaf ear policies are the same folks who continue to promulgate the cause of the Confederate States of America. You can help me here. Do these folks think they were victimized by Northern aggression and tell me, are they still carrying the grudge about their loss? 

You should know that I am a Southern woman, born and raised with ancestors who fought on both sides of that tragic conflict. But for my money, that war is truly over, and we are now one nation. The Confederacy and all its generals have been venerated with books, movies, monuments and more…and yet, the plea not to be forgotten and even with some, the declaration that the “South shall rise again,” reverberates to this day. Can you help me to understand?

We are speaking of American citizens who were murdered by terrorists in their own homes, acts condoned within their communities by commission or omission while the victims and their families were warned against asking for justice. If I understand you correctly, we should not be seeking veneration or vindication or even the dissemination of truth as that would imply that we think of ourselves as permanent victims and dwelling in the past. Have you looked around at the advancement of the population of people that were terrorized? It begs the question: who is truly dwelling on the past.

I am happy to continue a dialogue and you will never find me disrespectful or in denial of your right to an opinion.
Until next week, be well.

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