Thomasson Barn, courtesy Prince William Historic Preservation Foundation

Standing empty amid the modern commercial buildings of the county’s Innovation Park, the distinctive, two-silo Thomasson Barn has long seemed a lonely relic of Prince William’s agricultural roots.

Once the center of prominent dairy farm operated by William T. Thomasson in 1929, the brick barn has been vacant for about 50 years, according to a county press release.

But that’s changing soon.

The iconic Thomasson Barn is now slated to become an $8 million “destination brewery,” and is planned to eventually include an onsite brewing and packaging facility, bistro, tasting room, retail store, beer garden, hops fields, walking trails and a bocce court.

In a unanimous vote Tuesday, the Prince William Board of Supervisors approved the sale of the barn and surrounding six acres to Silva Holdings, Co., for $1.1 million.

As part of the agreement, Silva Holding, Co., will restore the historic landmark, which will be renamed “2 Silos Brewery.”

The project will be developed in two phases. The first will include the restoration Thomasson Barn to establish the brewery and beer garden, both of which are expected to be complete in 2016, the press release said.

The project won the enthusiastic support of Board Chairman Corey Stewart, R-At Large, as well as Supervisor Jeanine Lawson, who represents the Brentsville magisterial district, which is home to the new brewery.

“The preservation and reuse of the Thomasson Barn has long been a desire of the board, and is identified as a strategic priority in our Comprehensive Plan,” Stewart said. “The planned use as a microbrewery and bistro will provide an amenity for the companies located in and around Innovation Park and will make the area even more attractive for companies that are considering locating to the area.”

“This project embodies the type of development I have been pushing for in Prince William County,” Lawson added. “It supports our agribusiness community, provides for family gatherings and enhances Innovation Park for our business community.”

The milking barn was constructed using textile hollow-tile terra cotta blocks and is reminiscent of a two-story barn of that era, utilizing the two silos for grain feed storage, the first floor for milking cows and the second floor for hay storage, the press release said.


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This idea is a lot better than tearing it down in order to build another high school, 7-Eleven, Walmart, gas station or greasy fast food joint.


This is AWESOME news. I have been waiting for YEARS for the county to tear that barn down and put up more townhouses. A friend of mine and I several years ago tossed around the idea of buying the property and opening a honky tonk type bar. The money needed to renovate was just too much - I'm glad someone else saw the value and I can't wait to see it done!

Piedmont reporter

So Ms Lawson thinks breweries are great places for "family gatherings"


Local microbreweries are very popular with families.


Of course they are great places for family gatherings. The kids can't drink so they can drive good ole PBR Pappy home so he go blog tales of his latest plunders from the rich of which he will spread among the poor.


It would be a much better place than a "family restaurant" full of annoying kids.

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