Arlington Electoral Board 2018

Arlington Electoral Board members David Bell, Charlene Bickford and Scott McGeary are shown with county elections chief Linda Lindberg on March 20, 2018.

As her tenure as director of elections approaches its end, Linda Lindberg on June 18 was honored by Arlington County Board members for her service.

Lindberg – who has served in Arlington’s elections office since 1994 and has been registrar since 2003 – has delivered “an outstanding career of public service,” County Board Chairman Christian Dorsey said during a ceremony marking her tenure.

Lindberg will retire on June 30, to be succeeded by her deputy, Gretchen Reinemeyer.

Lindberg’s time in the elections office has seen growth in the county’s electorate, necessitating an increase from 39 precincts to 54, as well as a host of initiatives related to everything from outreach to ballot security.

“Putting on an election takes a village, truly,” Lindberg said. “Every department in the county [government] has been supportive of us.”

Lindberg also thanked the county school system, other partners, the League of Women Voters, Electoral Board members past and present, pollworkers (“the unsung heroes”) and election-office staff (“they are the best”).

On hand for the ceremony were current Electoral Board members Charlene Bickford and Scott McGeary and former members Allen Harrison Jr. and Margo Horner. Also on hand was Del. Patrick Hope (D-47th), bringing salutations from the General Assembly.

As for a parting request, Lindberg kept it simple, asking Arlingtonians to “keep on voting.”

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