2017 Offender Aid & Restoration Second Chance Breakfast

Offender Aid & Restoration executive director Elizabeth Jones Valderrama speaks at OAR’s annual “Second Chance Breakfast,” held March 1, 2017 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel. (Photo by Rachel E.H. Photography)

Rev. Dr. Kathy Dwyer of Rock Spring Congregational United Church of Christ has been tapped as chair of the board of Offender Aid & Restoration of Arlington, Alexandria and Falls Church, succeeding Susan Olson.

Rounding out the leadership team for the coming year will be Ann Springer, vice-chair; Wendy Webb, treasurer; and Alejandra Santaolalla, secretary.

Over the fiscal year ending in June, OAR worked with 1,990 individuals, both those receiving re-entry services after having been incarcerated and those performing court-ordered community service.

In addition, the organization provided more than 25 classes to incarcerees at a number of local detention facilities, created a racial-equity library at the OAR office and provided lessons in mistakes, second chances and race equity to fourth- and fifth-grade students.

OAR recently bid farewell to Heather Pritchett, who has served as director of development and outreach coordinator.

“She has done so much great work in the community on behalf of OAR, and has been an integral part of our team,” said OAR executive director Elizabeth Jones Valderrama.

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