I’m a Stafford County resident, a retired Marine fighter pilot, a dedicated father and a successful business owner. I have been here since 2001, founded my company here in 2006, and am raising my children here as well. Paul Milde has been my friend AND my supervisor for quite a while now, and I feel he is a tremendous asset to Stafford and Virginia. I’m writing to endorse Paul as a phenomenal choice for the seat being vacated by Bill Howell in January 2018. Paul is an action-oriented leader and he makes things happen for Virginia. Here are a few of the reasons I have voted for Paul and will continue to vote for Paul:

Stafford County’s AAA bond rating

Germanna in Stafford

HOT lanes extension to Fredericksburg

Dramatic VRE ridership & OTP increases

Courthouse Road Interchange

Stafford Hospital

Tax repeal : BPOL, Boat & Aircraft

Leading the commonwealth in job, wage & new business growth for 10 years

Look at that list of contributions!! That’s Action …. And that’s what we need!!

Jeffrey M. Dunn

Stafford County

Editor’s note: The writer is owner of SageGuild, LLC.

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Bryant Wilkerson

It is a good day when opinions are just that, an opinion. Not everyone agrees that Milde was the next best thing since wonder bread. As a lifelong resident of Stafford County and feeling the pulse of fellow native residents, you will hear a different tune. Not everything is rosy in Brooke and Stafford proper.
The accolades given are but an echo of the past, when those realities were confronted by a different era when the population was below 18,000 and the revenue reflecting that of a rural county. During that time, foresight into the future was dimmed by lack of the technology and the powers of Washington. Rural America 101, now chaos and short tempers run up and down the wayside.
When interstate 95 transformed Stafford and surrounding counties back in the 60’s and the flow of people and goods changed course, Stafford needed to change course also. And as time marched on, nothing really has changed.
We often chatter about local news as we bait our hooks and fish in Aquia creek, wondering what has happened to the creek as we watch 100,000 dollar boats zip out and leave their wake and trash behind. Stafford has three creeks, with one given the blue ribbon while the other has turned into a cesspool. As a boy, working for 50 cents an hour during the summer months at willow landing marina for Wilbur Segar, I can reflect now and see what happened. The creek was pristine and beautiful, Pocahontas would have approved. Now scarred beyond recognition.
Or the HOV express dump off in front of route 610 or Garrisonville road as it is called now. That should have never happened. Our local governing body should have forced the state to take it to the Rappahannock river just before route 17. Two things would have happened, the state could build the next bridge across the river and revenue could have been generated along the route 17 corridors.
Stafford county is unique geographically speaking and need not be seen from above to understand the bottleneck we have in Stafford central. There simply is nowhere to go east or west as is the case with route 17. Attempting to turn old wagon trails into subdivisions, will not alleviate the traffic congestion.
I wish Paul Milde the best as he pursues his political career in the commonwealth and attempts to fill those shoes worn by Bill Howell of an Era gone by.
As one career politician leaves and others decide to jump into the fray and fill his vacancy, vote carefully with 3 new faces vying for the seat.

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