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Arlington Sun Gazette Highs & Lows, 9/18/14 edition

The Arlington Sun Gazette's view on the local scene.

Recent Headlines

Letter: Fisette is in another world with Olympics support

Editor: The Olympics?!? In which fantasy world does County Board Chairman Jay Fisette live?  

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Letter: Streetcar not the answer for Columbia Pike

Editor: We feel compelled to respond to a recent opinion piece in a Crystal City online newsletter by an Arlington resident regarding the proposed Columbia Pike Streetcar, because it was so replete with the myths that have been repeated ad nauseam by many on the County Board in the past and now as part of the pro-streetcar advertising campaign.   

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Letter: Reconsider running Metro down Columbia Pike

Editor: I applaud the efforts to improve transit along Columbia Pike, but would like to know why there is no discussion of the option of building a subway line, as per the original Metrorail plans in the 1960s.

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Letter: Judge transit on merits, not on past history

Editor: More than once, I have heard the puzzling argument that since streetcars have been around for a while, therefore they are out of date and unsuited to the modern world.

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Arlington Sun Gazette Highs & Lows, 9/11/14 edition

Our editorial page view on the local scene.

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Letter: Streetcars had their day, but it is long gone

Editor: Am I missing something? Why do we continue to debate the value of a streetcar system?

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Letter: Arlington Democratic leaders have reason to fear electorate

Editor: As a Democratic contributor, I recently got a peach of a letter.

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Letter: Arlington election will serve as referendum on streetcar

Editor: Patrick Hope should cease trying to promote an advisory referendum on the Columbia Pike streetcar issue. It is unnecessary, because the real referendum is going to take place in the form of a good, old-fashioned election on Nov. 4.  

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Letter: Allow girls to play baseball, soccer with boys

Editor: I was fascinated by Mo’Ne Davis, who, at the age of 13, was clocked throwing a fastball at 70 mph and competed in the recent Little League World Series tournament in Pennsylvania.

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Arlington Sun Gazette editorial: Two Virginias, growing further apart

Two of Aug. 19’s special elections for the General Assembly across Virginia provided a glimpse not only of the partisan divide, but evidence that it’s only going to get worse.

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Letter: Fisette needs to practice what he preaches on environmentalism

Editor: In a recent op-ed for The Washington Post, County Board Chairman Jay Fisette says “I am tired of climate deniers” and indicates “I support the carbon-pollution standards because our communities deserve bold steps to secure a safe, healthy and economically sustainable future.”

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Editor: Arrogance of County Board is fueling discontent

Editor: I have just read the article on the front page of the Aug. 28,  “Have Voters Returned to Democrats?”  

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Letter: Fisette disingenuous on streetcar funding

Editor: I found County Board Chairman Jay Fisette’s Aug. 14 letter, purporting to explain how the proposed Columbia Pike streetcar is to be financed, to be disingenuous and not respectful of the considerable knowledge and intelligence of Arlington residents.

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Letter: Arlington leaders need to protect, not target, open space

Editor: Pressing needs for new public services have led the County Board to offer a “Public Land for Public Good” initiative and issue site-evaluation guidelines to shape how land will be chosen for new uses.

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Letter: Arlington Democrats have reason to be wary of electorate

Editor: Arlington County Democratic Committee chairman Kip Malinosky is disingenuous in trying to paint justifiable criticism of the practices of the ruling Democratic troika on the Arlington County Board as negative politics [“Have Voters Returned to Democrats?” Aug. 28].

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Arlington Sun Gazette endorsement: Special elections for treasurer, School Board

In coming months, we will turn our attention to the relatively large number of races to be confronted by voters on the Nov. 4 ballot.

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Arlington Sun Gazette Highs & Lows, 8/28/14 edition

The Arlington Sun Gazette’s editorial page view on the local scene.

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Letter: Taxpayers ultimately will foot the bill for Columbia Pike streetcar

Editor: We urge Arlingtonians concerned about the cost of the proposed streetcar project to read the Aug. 15 issue of The Economist, which contains the article “Streetcars and Urban Renewal: Rolling Blunder.”

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Letter: Even potential supporters have questions about streetcar plan

Editor: I’m not for or against the Columbia Pike streetcar project; since there appears to be no independent data to support (or non-support) it, it is difficult to make an informed decision.

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Arlington Sun Gazette Highs & Lows, 8/21/14 edition

The Arlington Sun Gazette's view on the local scene this week.

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Letter: Fisette defense of streetcar at variance with economic reality

Editor: In a letter to the Sun Gazette, County Board Chairman Jay Fisette tried to defend spending over half a billion dollars on streetcars. I disagree. Streetcars make neither transit nor economic sense.

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Letter: Sen. Warner a champion of small business

Editor: Small-business support is a common talking point for politicians on both sides of the aisle. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

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Letter: Sen. Warner touts common-sense solutions to immigration

Editor: The current border crisis has brought immigration reform to the public eye in a way that it hasn’t been in a while. Instead of using this opportunity to have a substantive discussion or work towards solving this pressing problem, most politicians have used this time to divide even further along party lines.    

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Letter: Volunteers continue to support Latin in Arlington schools

Editor: Thank you for two recent articles about Arlington students in the Latin program at Arlington Public Schools.

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Sun Gazette endorsement: 48th House of Delegates special election

Voters in the 48th House of Delegates district – at least those inclined to brave the depths of summer to cast ballots – go to the polls Aug. 19 to pick a successor to Democrat Bob Brink, whose 16-year tenure ended June 30 when he accepted a job in the McAuliffe administration.

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Letter: Revised funding plan for streetcar best for Arlington

Editor: I would like to provide some additional information for your readers about funding for the full, 7.4-mile streetcar project, both the Columbia Pike segment and the Crystal City segment.

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Letter: Arlington leaders should just level with public on streetcar

Editor: The county government and boosters of the idea are using some interesting claims to sell the Columbia Pike streetcar to Arlington residents.

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Letter: Foster has experience, focus to work well in Richmond

Editor: “Can a Republican win an election in a district that includes Arlington?”

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Letter: Foster would add to, not subtract from, partisanship in Richmond

Editor: I received a mailer from David Foster, the Republican candidate in the August 19 special election for the House of Delegates in Arlington and McLean, in which he deplored “hyper-partisanship” and promised to “bring reason to Richmond.”

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Letter: Dominion, McDonnell were right, Foster was wrong, on offshore wind

Editor: In the Aug. 5 debate between Rip Sullivan and David Foster, who are vying for the 48th District House of Delegates’ seat, Foster implied that wind energy wasn’t a big deal by saying that “one problem with windmills offshore is the wind is not always blowing.”

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Letter: Foster’s experience on education isn’t enough in this race

Editor: I write to respond to Louise Epstein’s letter [“Foster is Candidate of Specifics on Education”] in the July 31 edition.

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Arlington Sun Gazette Highs & Lows, 8/7/14 edition

Our editorial page view on the local scene.

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Letter: Sullivan is specific, Foster nebulous in addressing issues

Editor: The recent article about the candidates to replace Bob Brink as the delegate for the 48th District raised the question of which candidate voters should trust. But the article missed the point.

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Letter: Using more of Thomas Jefferson site imperils Arlington County Fair

Editor: If the Arlington County government goes through with the idea of destroying Thomas Jefferson Park to build a school on that property, it will result in the death of a very popular County Fair that thousands look forward to each year. It is always very crowded and a lot of fun.

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Letter: Foster will bring right skills to General Assembly

Editor: I urge voters of the 48th District to vote for David Fosterin the Aug. 19th special election.  

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Arlington Sun Gazette Highs & Lows, 7/31/14 edition

The Arlington Sun Gazette's view on the local scene.

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Letter: Arlington spending far too little on acquisition of parkland

Editor: Exactly how much parkland would $2 million get us in Arlington? That’s the amount of open space the County Board is offering in an up-or-down vote this fall. [“$219 Million in Bond Referendums Head to Voters,” July 24].

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Letter: Va. Republicans need to give way, embrace Medicaid reform

Editor: On July 1, a large group of Virginians gathered at Arlington’s Courthouse Plaza for a candlelight vigil to mark five months since Republican members of the House of Delegates excluded Medicaid expansion from their original budget proposal.

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Letter: State wants a quid-pro-quo from Arlington on streetcar funding

Editor: The cash-strapped state government found a way to fund a significant portion of the Columbia Pike trolley project. Setting aside the question of whether running a trolley in traffic is a bright idea, you cannot deny that Virginia’s money solved a serious political problem that not only split the county but the notoriously unanimous County Board and its Democratic Party.

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Arlington Sun Gazette Highs & Lows, 7/24/14 edition

The Arlington Sun Gazette's editorial page view on the local scene.

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Letter: Debate streetcar proposal on facts, not emotions

Editor: I have lived in North Arlington since 1977 and have seldom witnessed a more uninformed “debate” about such an important and expensive venture as has taken place over the Columbia Pike streetcar.

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Letter: Third-rate streetcar system benefits no one

Editor: Letter-writer Matt Gillen [“Streetcar Commenters Should Address Own Biases,” July 17] asks “how can we keep the conversation civil?” and suggests that  “letter-writers should state how long it takes to walk from their home to fixed-line public transportation.”

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Letter: Voters in 48th should not let streetcar color judgment

Editor: Some Arlington voters believe that next month they again will have an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with the County Board and the Columbia Pike streetcar.

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Letter: Expired IDs should be valid for voting

Editor: The spate of special elections coming up in Arlington will bring some recent changes in election law into focus. Chief among these is a new law limiting the forms of identification required in order to cast a vote.

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Arlington Sun Gazette editorial: Departed treasurer deserves community’s thanks

An era truly came to an end July 7, as Arlington Treasurer Frank O’Leary wrapped up his lengthy tenure by submitting his resignation and heading off to retirement.

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Letter: Streetcar debaters should provide more details on their locale

Editor: As we, as a community, debate the possible Columbia Pike streetcar –  pro and con – on the letters page of your newspaper, how can we keep the conversation civil?  

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Letter: Big, bold statement needed on Arlington transit

Editor: When did we become so timid?

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Letters: Arlington Democrats may face wrath of voters over streetcar

Editor: As a lifelong Democrat who served as assistant to the chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 1964, I wonder: How many good Democratic candidates will be sacrificed because of the County Board Gang of Three’s devotion to the streetcar-without-a-referendum?

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Letter: Arlington school crisis did not necessarily happen by accident

Editor: In her July 10 letter about our school-capacity crisis, Nancy Sylvester [“Elected Officials to Blame for School Crowding”] seems to have been following the advice of Napoleon: “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.”  And that’s charitable, I guess.  

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