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Sun Gazette editorial: Expired photo-IDs no threat to sanctity of ballot box

State election officials in coming months will have the chance to show the public that they’re being reasonable when it comes to enforcing new rules on voters’ providing photo IDs when they head to the polls in November.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Fairfax election officials make right call

On the issue of accessibility to the polling place, the Fairfax County Electoral Board deserves credit for authorizing absentee voting in the 48th House District special election to be held for a number of days in McLean.

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Letter: Warner’s support for innovation makes him worthy of re-election

Editor: For generations, the U.S. has led the world in technological innovation. We invented the cotton gin, the airplane and the personal computer, to name a few. Each of these creations changed the way business was done.

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Letter: VDOT needs to focus on core responsibilities

Editor: I need some help with a problem neighbor. She refuses to keep her grass cut. What can I do? How can I get her attention?

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Sun Gazette editorial: Filing requirements for candidates seem perfectly reasonable

We give Mark Gibson, who tried but failed to qualify as an independent in the 11th Congressional District race, credit for a classy departure. He didn’t throw a tantrum, simply acknowledging that he and his “small, dedicated group of community volunteers” were unable to get all the signatures they needed to make the ballot.

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Letter: No need to impugn Fairfax teachers

Editor: First of all, I want to make it clear that agree with several of the points that you made in the July 3 editorial [“Our View: Goodbye Early-Release Mondays”]. I completely support a full day of instruction for elementary students. Short Mondays are difficult for planning purposes, and they also present a challenge for working parents.

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Letter: Comstock will bring common sense, innovation to Congress


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Letter: Comstock understands R&D requirements of American business

Editor: I have been impressed with Barbara Comstock since she knocked on my door five years ago, asking my support in her bid for House of Delegates. She was re-elected twice and has proven to be a compassionate, caring and energetic representative.

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Sun Gazette editorial: No way to run a democracy

It would be easy to throw stones at William Howell, the Republican Speaker of the House of Delegates, as being the one ultimately at fault in what we see as an irresponsible timetable for filling the 48th District House of Delegates seat that has been vacated by Democrat Bob Brink. But the situation is somewhat more complicated.

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Letter: Comstock is devoted to serving needs of constituents big and small

Editor: Like U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, Del. Barbara Comstock is always there for her constituents, from the soccer mom to the high-tech executive.

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Letter: Vienna police misinterpret law on BB guns

Editor: I noticed in the July 3 Public-Safety Notes an item concerning the Vienna police warning a resident and his minor son that firing a BB gun within the town limits violated a town ordinance.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Good riddance to early-release Mondays

We are not always charitably disposed to the leadership of Fairfax County Public Schools, but we do have to give the School Board and top staff credit for standing up against pressure and relegating to the past early-release Mondays for elementary-school students.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Ride-sharing services need to be regulated, too

It’s a battle royale between cab companies and their drivers, united on one side, and these new car-sharing start-ups, like Uber and Lyft, on the other.

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Letter: Comstock is in tune with voters of her district

Editor: To read the recent spate of letters to the editor ganging up on Barbara Comstock as she runs for Congress, one would never know that she is in tune with the majority of voters in her district (she wins elections), receives plenty of small “mom-and-pop” campaign contributions (from my wife, teenaged daughter and me, for example), and is simply outstanding in providing constituent services.  

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Sun Gazette editorial: Bring on the meals-tax referendum ... in 2015

Members of the Board of Supervisors who desperately want to push through a meals tax over the objections of the great unwashed (that is, we the taxpaying public) must have been mightily disappointed by the report issued last week by the task force they hand-selected for the job.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Try to keep it classy, governor

We can all debate the merits of Medicaid expansion, and whether Gov. McAuliffe’s budget actions last week were right (or even constitutional), but it seemed a little, well, tacky, that McAuliffe’s political apparatus sent out a fund-raising appeal based on his actions.

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Letter: It is Comstock whose campaign relies on national donors

Editor: While I applaud the plea in your June 12 editorial [“Our View: A Break, Then the General Election”] for “high-quality politics, with a vigorous discussion of the issues,” I must take issue with your warning about the flood of national Democratic money into the race for the Congress in the 10th District.

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Letter: Will Beyer hold candidates he supports accountable?

Editor: His own election virtually reassured, 8th District Democratic nominee Don Beyer states that he will help other Democratic candidates, specifically naming John Foust in his contest against Barbara Comstock in the 10th District.

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Letter: Dulles needs to up its offerings to maintain business travelers

Editor: I agree with Marty Bollinger’s June 19 letter regarding Washington Dulles International Airport being unfriendly to its passengers.  

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Sun Gazette editorial: Bicyclists, get those helmets on

A recent study, while not met with universal acceptance, has concluded that, in communities with bicycle-share programs, the proportion of head injuries among bicyclists increases because so many of those who participate in the bike-sharing do not wear helmets.

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Sun Gazette editorial: High school soccer needs more oversight

A rash of incidents in boys’ high-school soccer games in recent weeks suggests that school officials need to be paying closer attention and providing stronger oversight.

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Letter: There are reasons Dulles is lagging

Editor: I read with interest your recent article on the challenge of dealing with a “stagnant” Dulles Airport, for which traffic has been in decline as flyers take their business elsewhere.  

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Letter: Comstock is part of obstructionism in Richmond

Editor: Elections certainly do have consequences, and so, apparently, does blackmail, if the case of state Sen. Phil Puckett is any example.

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Letter: Do not merely explain away Comstock voting pattern

Editor: I want to take an exception to a part of your otherwise good editorial [“A Break, Then the General Election,” June 12].

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Sun Gazette editorial: Time for a political break

Tuesday’s Democratic primary in the 8th Congressional District sets the  stage for election season, which we hope against hope will be a serious-minded discussion of key issues.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Our choice in the 8th District Democratic primary

The campaign for the Democratic nomination in the 8th Congressional District is a prime example of what happens when legislative districts are gerrymandered, allowing one party to dominate.

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Letter: Community clinics would help ease healthcare crisis

Editor: The currently political mess over health care is unfortunate. The “real world” of health-care delivery has been compromised by the huge costs of most medical educations and then maintaining an office.

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Letter: Foust is a responsive elected official

Editor: I want to add my voice to the chorus of support for Supervisor John Foust.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Congratulations to new grads

Commencement season is about over at colleges and universities across the nation, and we’re beginning to see the first 2014 graduation ceremonies at the high-school level in the local area. What is currently a trickle will, after Memorial Day, start to become a flood that will last through the third week in June.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Is Jim Webb just toying with us?

There was quite the fluttering of the political class with last week’s news that former U.S. Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) had pointedly not ruled out a run for the presidency in 2016.

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Letter: Foust gives public a reason to believe in political leaders

Editor: I am one of many Northern Virginia residents that has become quite disillusioned with politics. I’ve sent letters listing specific complaints to both of our current senators, and I have received back unresponsive “form letters” thanking me for writing. In the case of our senior senator, the response letter was addressed to “General” Roth.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Impeachment of Herring seems somewhere between premature, crazy

It was only a matter of time, and last week, Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William) demanded an inquiry that could lead to impeachment proceedings against Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Arrival of frontier will give economic, psychological boost to Dulles

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority last week trumpeted the news that Frontier Airlines would be starting “focus-city” service from Washington Dulles International Airport over the summer.

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Letter: Foust is responsive to needs of constituents

Editor: Unlike letter-writer Anne Snyder [“Foust Won’t Be a Go-To Guy for His Constituents,” May 15], who apparently never contacted Supervisor John Foust for help with an issue of concern, I have personal knowledge of how helpful Foust can be.

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Letter: Fairfax residents already paying meals taxes, but do not reap benefits

Editor: I might even agree with David Karmol’s May 8 letter [“Voters Will Remember Tax Hike Imposed on Them”] and the Sun Gazette’s editorial of the week before against the proposed Fairfax County meals tax if I hadn’t been alerted to the fact that I was already paying a meals tax a good bit of the time I was buying prepared food.  

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Letter: Foust is responsive, ready to help

Editor: Regarding Anne Snyder’s recent letter [“Foust Won’t Be a Go-To Guy for His Constituents,” May 15]: Wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Letter: Foust does not have constituent-service skills that are needed

Editor: I read with interest the May 8 letter “Foust Is the Obvious Choice in 10th.” From personal experience, I disagree.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Candidates, think before throwing your hat into ring

We have no quarrel with those who opt to exercise their constitutional rights by running for political office, no matter how long-shot those efforts may be.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Keep it classy in 10th District congressional race

The field is set in what could be one of 2014’s most competitive races for U.S. House of Representatives in the country.

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Sun Gazette editorial: A high-school schedule everyone can agree on?

Despite the charade of a community process with a host of options on the table, it’s almost assured that the School Board will change the bell schedule to allow high-school students to start their day a little later.

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Letter: Foust vote to raise taxes once again will not be forgotten

Editor: I could not agree more with your May 1 editorial, “Supervisors Adding Insult to Injury.”

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Letter: Keep spending, Democrats, and everybody will be bankrupt

Editor: Regarding John Foust’s comments in the Sun Gazette that “[Barbara] Comstock’s brand of partisan brinkmanship is exactly what is wrong with Washington,” I beg to differ.

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Letter: Foust is sane alternative in 10th District race

Editor: For voters in the 10th Congressional District, the slate is now set.

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Letter: Comstock does not merit being taken seriously in congressional bid

Editor: The Sun Gazette’s endorsement of Del. Barbara Comstock as the “clear choice” for the Republican nomination to succeed U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th) was so lackluster as to make one wonder why you bothered to endorse her at all.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Fairfax supervisors add insult to injury with tax decisions

One need look no further for proof of the fossilized thinking of some members of the Board of Supervisors than their selection of former board chairs Tom Davis and Kate Hanley to head the effort that, almost inevitably, will lead Fairfax officials to try and stick the public with a meals tax.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Comstock is clear choice for 10th District Republicans

Republicans have controlled Virginia’s 10th Congressional District for 56 of the 62 years since it was reconstituted in the 1950s, including the current run of more than three decades by U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, who was swept into office in the Reagan Revolution of 1980 and, despite early pronouncements that he might just serve a few terms and leave, settled in for the long haul.

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Sun Gazette editorial: The 8th District Republican nomination

The Democratic Party, which long has dominated the 8th Congressional District, will not choose its candidate in the race to succeed U.S. Rep. Jim Moran until a June 10 primary. But Republicans will gather April 26 at Bishop O’Connell High School to select their nominee.

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Letter: Vienna, Tysons sure are not what they used to be

Editor: I moved into the Vienna/Tysons area in 1962. What a nice area it was at the time.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Voters have sent a message, but will it be received?

Politicians across Northern Virginia, of every political persuasion, have been put on notice by the actions of local voters last week. A rebellion appears in the making.

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Letter: Decision-making shows disconnect between public, officials in Fairfax

Editor: I loved all three letters regarding the monolithic Tysons Corner Metrorail structure, which in my view turns a suburban Virginia environment into the equivalence of urban Detroit or urban Chicago, where elevated trains roll by the windows of many residents and graffiti is looked upon as art.  

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