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Sun Gazette editorial: Where did Foust campaign lose its bearings?

One presumes that fees paid to campaign consultants are non-refundable, but John Foust – good lawyer that he is – probably could make the case that he has been ill-served by those giving him advice in his campaign for Congress.

Recent Headlines

Letter: Comstock is the candidate of solutions

Editor: As a voter, I am really impressed with the record of Barbara Comstock.

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Letter: Comstock ready for challenges that await in Congress

Editor: According to numerous news sources, there is a 95-percent chance the Republicans will control the Senate after the national elections next month. The Republicans are expected to retain control of the House, as well.

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Letter: Foust campaign distracts from real issues

Editor: I am puzzled by the John Foust campaign. Over the entire campaign, he has made incessant attacks on Barbara Comstock, has been vague and generalized.

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Letter: Foust reiterates views that got him in trouble

Editor: “What on earth is he thinking?” That was the thought running through my mind when I heard John Foust double down on his deplorable comment that Barbara Comstock had “no real job.”

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Letter: Comstock claim of bipartisanship rings hollow

Editor: During the debate between the candidates for the 10th District at the McLean Community Center on Oct. 26, Barbara Comstock repeatedly referred to her bi-partisanship in the Virginia House of Delegates. However, when you examine the legislation that she cited as bipartisan, it is rather revealing.

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Letter: Comstock is right fit for 10th District

Editor: Barbara Comstock is a perfect fit for the 10th Congressional District.  She is a moderate, smart and issue-oriented representative, who focuses on her constituents and legislative solutions rather than hyperpartisanship or over-the-top rhetoric. She is exactly who we need in Congress.

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Letter: Climate change is cornerstone issue of election

Editor: I take issue with Lolita Mancheno-Smoak’s letter, published in the Oct. 23 Sun Gazette.

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Letter: Comstock does not represent values Wolf does

Editor: I am puzzled by your comparison of Barbara Comstock with Frank Wolf in your endorsement for the 10th District. Your description of Frank Wolf is absolutely contrary to Barbara Comstock’s record.

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Letter: Comstock is prepared for Congress, Foust is not

Editor: I have been an active member of the Great Falls Citizens Association transportation committee since 2010, when Del. Barbara Comstock and Supervisor John Foust led a bipartisan effort, in conjunction with the GFCA and the McLean Citizens Association, to completely change the proposed VDOT plan for a two-lane turn from Route 7 and a nine-lane-wide intersection at the juncture of Route 7 and Georgetown Pike.

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Letter: Comstock takes simplistic view on key issues

Editor: Throughout the debate between Barbara Comstock and John Foust at the McLean Community Center, Comstock referred to offshore drilling as the funding source for her most critical priorities. This included job creation, transportation, and even federal jobs.  

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Letter: Foust proved maturity at McLean debate

Editor: Sunday’s debate between our two McLean neighbors competing to represent us in Congress was a credit to all.

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Letter: Despite poor word choice, Foust was right

Editor: All of us in the D.C. area need legislators who will work together to represent our region’s interests. Most people are fed up with politicians who mislead us and each other with double-talk and double-dealing. We need to be able to trust them and to have them trust each other.

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Letter: Debate showed Comstock is ready for challenges ahead

Editor: As a long-time resident of McLean, I was looking forward to the debate between Del. Barbara Comstock and Supervisor John Foust because they are both from this area. But, when I left the McLean Community Center, I knew my vote was going to be cast for Del. Comstock.

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Letter: Foust is not ready for prime time

Editor: If there were any doubts about Supervisor John Foust’s readiness for higher office, they were put to rest at Sunday’s debate at the McLean Community Center. The verdict: he is not.

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Letter: Comstock has command of the issues

Editor: There was a clear winner in the debate on Sunday afternoon between Del. Barbara Comstock and John Foust. Comstock showed a command of the issues and displayed confidence in her answers, while John Foust struggled to explain why voters should pick him.

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Letter: Democratic leadership offers no good reason to support Foust


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Letter: Foust is the candidate of more national debt

Editor: The most important issue for me in this year’s election is the economy. In Sunday’s debate between Barbara Comstock and John Foust, the candidates had a stark difference in opinion on what America needs to get the economy back on track.

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Letter: Foust is logical successor to Wolf

Editor: Frank Wolf was one of only a handful of moderate, reasonable Republicans who had the wisdom and courage to refuse to join the Tea Party stampede and sign Grover Norquist’s “No Tax Pledge.” Not so Barbara Comstock.  

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Editorial: Barbara Comstock is the right choice for the 10th District

For 34 years, U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf has represented Virginia’s 10th District with dignity. Time and again, he stood up for what is right, went to the mat for his constituents and, when appropriate, pursued alliances across party lines on local, national and global issues.

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Sun Gazette endorsement: Comstock in the 10th District

For 34 years, U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf has represented Virginia’s 10th District with dignity. Time and again, he stood up for what is right, went to the mat for his constituents and, when appropriate, pursued alliances across party lines on local, national and global issues.

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Letter: Fairfax bond will have broad impact in community

Editor: We are writing about the Nov. 4 voter referendum on transportation bonds for Fairfax County.

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Letter: Comstock is an independent thinker

Editor: John Foust has been touting that he has passed seven balanced budgets in Fairfax County. What he is failing to mention is that budgets are required to be balanced by law.

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Letter: Foust is a creature of far left of Democratic politics

Editor: John Foust is just a blue-blooded partisan who only cares about toeing the party line and doesn’t care about doing the right thing.

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Letter: Comstock will be able to bridge partisan divide

Editor: “She is a caring person.” “Barbara takes the time to address the issues that affect female veterans.” Barbara has a “personal touch.” These are some of the quotes made by supporters of Barbara Comstock.

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Letter: Foust has left a trail of broken promises

Editor: Here we are a mere two weeks away from the election, and the mainstream press is reliably ignoring John Foust’s long tax-hiking record.

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Letter: Foust is the right choice for working moms in 10th District

Editor: A lot of the debate in the current election for the congressional seat being vacated by Frank Wolf has centered on women’s reproductive rights and efforts to curtail those rights.

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Letter: Foust seems a tad too fond of raising taxes

Editor: John Foust, unlike Barbara Comstock, has a love of raising taxes. John Foust hasn’t met a tax that he would not want to cut, and recently said that he would raise taxes if elected to Congress.

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Letter: Comstock not cut from the same cloth as Frank Wolf

Editor: Frank Wolf enjoyed broad support in the 10th District, and indeed throughout Northern Virginia, even among political opponents, because his ethical conduct and dedication to his constituents were unquestioned in 34 years in Congress.

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Letter: Position of Foust on health care is by far superior to Comstock

Editor: Genaro Pedroarias recently wrote an impassioned letter in support of Barbara Comstock. Unfortunately, it was missing some key information.

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Letter: Foust needs to get his priorities straight

Editor: As Iraqi cities fall one by one to ISIS and the terrorist threat to the homeland is only increasing, John Foust is talking about climate change.

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Letter: Comstock is up to the challenge that awaits her

Editor: Although the nation stands as an amalgamation of various peoples from a variety of different backgrounds, one unifying strain has always been our mutual contributions to a stable, prosperous civic culture.

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Arlington Sun Gazette editorial: One last chance for candidates to make an impression

Time is ticking away, but we’re not yet ready to make an endorsement on either the County Board race that pits incumbent independent John Vihstadt against Democratic challenger Alan Howze, or the School Board race between Audrey Clement and Democratic-endorsed Barbara Kanninen.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Yes to Fairfax transportation bond

Fairfax voters headed to the polls this fall are faced with a $100 million transportation bond on the ballot among the various political races.

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Letter: Comparing Foust to Vincent Callahan was a disappointment

Editor: The invidious suggestion [“Foust Will Service His Constituents in Even-Handed Manner of Callahan,” Letters Oct. 9], comparing John Foust to the late Vince Callahan, and the poor man not yet cold in his grave and no way to defend his good name, besmirches your opinion pages.

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Letter: Comstock is too extreme to succeed Wolf

Editor: In several recent elections, I voted for Republican Frank Wolf. As a moderate Democrat, I disagreed with him on many issues, but I admired his service to Northern Virginia and his willingness to deal with many local problems on a pragmatic basis.

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Letter: Foust supporters are cherry-picking their data

Editor: Two recent letters defending Supervisor John Foust’s record on taxes made an important omission. David Danner’s letter of Oct. 9 stated that over the past five years, the Fairfax County budget has increased less than 2 percent per year, about the same as inflation.

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Letter: Support for Obamacare disqualifies Foust

Editor: What’s in a number? When someone throws out a number, what does that really mean?

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Letter: Foust is the candidate of broken promises

Editor: The Foust campaign was caught in another lie when the independent Annenberg Policy Center rated the Foust attack ad about abortion against Barbara Comstock as FALSE and noted that this ad was part of a nationwide pattern of Democrats making this attack.

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Letter: Comstock the candidate of common-sense values

Editor: John Foust’s new TV ad caught my eye the other day.

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Editorial: Connolly is the best choice for the 11th District

There are two Gerald Connollys out there, contained in the same mustachioed man.

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Letter: There is an alternative to Foust, Comstock on ballot

Editor: There is an alternative to “Comfoustock” to vote for this November.

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Letter: Foust has been responsible balancing needs, taxes

Editor: I read the letter from Marcia Close in the Oct. 2 edition with some mirth and disbelief.  

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Letter: Foust is right candidate for next generation of leadership

Editor: As the campaign for the 10th District heats up, I have noticed that in the TV ads for Barbara Comstock, she never speaks directly to the viewer. You hear her speak only in the required tag at the end.  

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Letter: Foust avoids taking a position on key energy issue

Editor: Barbara Comstock supports the Keystone Pipeline XL for economic and energy-security reasons, but at least as of late September, John Foust’s position remained unstated.

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Letter: Foust would parrot Connolly in tax-and-spend philosophy

Editor: Can’t wait for the meal tax to pass in Fairfax County. Then, whenever they  come up short in Fairfax they can have a “temporary rate increase,” as Vienna officials are suggesting in order to pay for expansion of the Vienna Community Center [Sun Gazette, Oct. 2].

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Letter: Foust is inclusive, Comstock is divisive

Editor: There is only one candidate running for the 10th District that we can trust not to further erode the backbone of the D.C. region’s economy.

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Letter: Foust is right about Comstock’s job-creation skills

Editor: I am sure Republicans were ever so delighted that John Foust’s comment about Barbara Comstock’s work experience can be so easily distorted and attacked so gratuitously. But is this really the level of debate on critical issues that we need from candidates for Congress?  

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Letter: Comstock will be a friend to taxpayers when in Congress

Editor: John Foust’s new ad that claims that he has balanced seven budgets and has cut approximately $5 million in “waste” as a Fairfax County Supervisor is inaccurate.

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Letter: It is Comstock who is best for women’s health

Editor: I was compelled to write after viewing John Foust’s TV attack ad against Barbara Comstock. Foust twists the truth at every turn.

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