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Sun Gazette editorial: Non-partisan redistricting a non-starter in Richmond

Rounding out their support of a trifecta that no doubt also included motherhood and apple pie, House of Delegates candidates David Foster and Rip Sullivan last week affirmed support for “nonpartisan redistricting” of legislative seats in the General Assembly.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Keep Metro pillars artistry-free

After several weeks in operation, everyone should be getting used to the sights and sounds of Metro trains rumbling overhead as the Silver Line passes through Tysons Corner and heads west. After the long wait, it’s a welcome development.

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Sun Gazette endorsement: 48th House of Delegates special election

Voters in the 48th House of Delegates district – at least those inclined to brave the depths of summer to cast ballots – go to the polls Aug. 19 to pick a successor to Democrat Bob Brink, whose 16-year tenure ended June 30 when he accepted a job in the McAuliffe administration.

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Letter: Foster has experience, focus to work well in Richmond

Editor: “Can a Republican win an election in a district that includes Arlington?”

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Letter: Foster would add to, not subtract from, partisanship in Richmond

Editor: I received a mailer from David Foster, the Republican candidate in the August 19 special election for the House of Delegates in Arlington and McLean, in which he deplored “hyper-partisanship” and promised to “bring reason to Richmond.”

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Letter: Dominion, McDonnell were right, Foster was wrong, on offshore wind

Editor: In the Aug. 5 debate between Rip Sullivan and David Foster, who are vying for the 48th District House of Delegates’ seat, Foster implied that wind energy wasn’t a big deal by saying that “one problem with windmills offshore is the wind is not always blowing.”

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Letter: No need for lectures from Foust on health care, Medicaid

Editor: Last year, John Foust supported a candidate for House of Delegates, Kathleen Murphy, who said that the problem of doctors not taking Medicaid patients should be solved by forcing doctors to take them.

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Letter: Foster’s experience on education isn’t enough in this race

Editor: I write to respond to Louise Epstein’s letter [“Foster is Candidate of Specifics on Education”] in the July 31 edition.

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Letter: Foust did little to help with Silver Line

Editor: John Foust was against the above-ground Metro Silver Line before he joined the bandwagon for it.

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Letter: Does Comstock want to impeach Obama?

Editor: Barbara Comstock routinely touts Frank Wolf as her mentor and role model. That is fine, but on some issues that does not necessarily represent the desires of voters in the 10th District.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Va. Republicans step in it, again

When it comes to politics, our only bias on the editorial page is against foolishness. And – boy, oh boy! – some in Virginia’s political realm seem to be terminally foolhardy when it comes to how they present themselves to the public, don’t they?

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Sun Gazette editorial: Governor right to stay out of Redskins’ controversy

Give Gov. McAuliffe credit for steadfastly refusing to be sucked into the largely media-created controversy over the name of the Washington Redskins.

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Letter: Silver Line is not benefiting everyone who wants to use it

Editor: Relating to the coverage of the Silver Line opening, I wanted to share a perspective that was not covered: the inability of so many Vienna residents to USE this new Metro line which we have eagerly awaited.  

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Letter: Comstock’s actions speak louder than her professed bipartisanship

Editor: I understand Marty Smith [Letters, July 31] wants to put Barbara Comstock in a very favorable light, and asks that we consider her record instead of “aggressive campaign attacks.” Unfortunately, her actual record leaves far too much to be desired.  

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Letter: Lack of support for transportation by Comstock is troubling

Editor: As the Sun Gazette documented the celebrations to mark the opening of the new Silver Line, which will improve the lives of countless residents in Northern Virginia, the editorial page once again included a letter to the editor on July 31 praising the positive record of Barbara Comstock.  

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Letter: Foust will advance cause of human rights in Congress

Editor: July 28 will go down as an historic day for equality in Virginia, as the day the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of marriage equality.

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Letter: Sending a partisan to Congress will not help things

Editor: I read with mounting frustration the letters to the editor in your paper advocating for Barbara Comstock that clearly are written by her staff or public-relations staff, not average voters.

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Letter: Foust has skills needed to get job done in Congress

Editor: To represent McLean in the 10th Congressional District, we need someone with the vision to position our area to thrive in this changing economy, someone who works hard and follows through, and someone dedicated to constituent services.

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Letter: Foster trumps Sullivan in understanding of education issues

Editor: On Aug. 19, voters in parts of Arlington, McLean and Falls Church will select a new member of the House of Delegates for the 48th District.

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Letter: Sen. Warner should stick to job he is paid to do

Editor: Pritha Roy [“Warner’s Devotion to Innovation Helping Commonwealth, Country,” Letters July 31] is correct that the United States has for decades been a leader in technology and innovation in many fields. I was intrigued by the examples she provided – the cotton gin; airplane and personal computer – but was confused by her linking them to U.S. Sen. Mark Warner’s promotion of government support of “technology centers” and other government programs.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Now, on to Phase 2 of the Silver Line

If self-congratulatory speeches from politicians could be harnessed as a fossil fuel, Saturday’s opening ceremony might have provided enough juice to keep the new Silver Line running indefinitely.

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Letter: Comstock’s pursuit of data centers not worthy of celebration

Editor: I would like to clarify the recent assertion that Del. Barbara Comstock is a leader in bringing high-tech data-center jobs to Virginia.

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Letter: Comstock promotes bipartisanship while Foust does not

Editor: Franklin Roosevelt once noted, “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to do so wisely.” I recommend we choose Barbara Comstock instead of John Foust in the November election for our representative to the U. S. House of Representatives from Virginia’s 10th District.

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Letter: Residents in 10th District deserve better than Foust

Editor: It’s been sad to see that in the congressional race for Virginia’s 10th District, the only thing the Democrats have done is go on the attack, instead of offering constructive solutions.

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Letter: Republicans in Richmond acting shamefully

Editor: Congratulations to our Republican legislators in Richmond. They have been successful in stopping health care coverage for approximately 400,000 Virginian residents. What an accomplishment!

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Sun Gazette editorial: Expired photo-IDs no threat to sanctity of ballot box

State election officials in coming months will have the chance to show the public that they’re being reasonable when it comes to enforcing new rules on voters’ providing photo IDs when they head to the polls in November.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Fairfax election officials make right call

On the issue of accessibility to the polling place, the Fairfax County Electoral Board deserves credit for authorizing absentee voting in the 48th House District special election to be held for a number of days in McLean.

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Letter: Warner’s support for innovation makes him worthy of re-election

Editor: For generations, the U.S. has led the world in technological innovation. We invented the cotton gin, the airplane and the personal computer, to name a few. Each of these creations changed the way business was done.

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Letter: VDOT needs to focus on core responsibilities

Editor: I need some help with a problem neighbor. She refuses to keep her grass cut. What can I do? How can I get her attention?

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Sun Gazette editorial: Filing requirements for candidates seem perfectly reasonable

We give Mark Gibson, who tried but failed to qualify as an independent in the 11th Congressional District race, credit for a classy departure. He didn’t throw a tantrum, simply acknowledging that he and his “small, dedicated group of community volunteers” were unable to get all the signatures they needed to make the ballot.

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Letter: No need to impugn Fairfax teachers

Editor: First of all, I want to make it clear that agree with several of the points that you made in the July 3 editorial [“Our View: Goodbye Early-Release Mondays”]. I completely support a full day of instruction for elementary students. Short Mondays are difficult for planning purposes, and they also present a challenge for working parents.

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Letter: Comstock will bring common sense, innovation to Congress


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Letter: Comstock understands R&D requirements of American business

Editor: I have been impressed with Barbara Comstock since she knocked on my door five years ago, asking my support in her bid for House of Delegates. She was re-elected twice and has proven to be a compassionate, caring and energetic representative.

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Sun Gazette editorial: No way to run a democracy

It would be easy to throw stones at William Howell, the Republican Speaker of the House of Delegates, as being the one ultimately at fault in what we see as an irresponsible timetable for filling the 48th District House of Delegates seat that has been vacated by Democrat Bob Brink. But the situation is somewhat more complicated.

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Letter: Comstock is devoted to serving needs of constituents big and small

Editor: Like U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, Del. Barbara Comstock is always there for her constituents, from the soccer mom to the high-tech executive.

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Letter: Vienna police misinterpret law on BB guns

Editor: I noticed in the July 3 Public-Safety Notes an item concerning the Vienna police warning a resident and his minor son that firing a BB gun within the town limits violated a town ordinance.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Good riddance to early-release Mondays

We are not always charitably disposed to the leadership of Fairfax County Public Schools, but we do have to give the School Board and top staff credit for standing up against pressure and relegating to the past early-release Mondays for elementary-school students.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Ride-sharing services need to be regulated, too

It’s a battle royale between cab companies and their drivers, united on one side, and these new car-sharing start-ups, like Uber and Lyft, on the other.

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Letter: Comstock is in tune with voters of her district

Editor: To read the recent spate of letters to the editor ganging up on Barbara Comstock as she runs for Congress, one would never know that she is in tune with the majority of voters in her district (she wins elections), receives plenty of small “mom-and-pop” campaign contributions (from my wife, teenaged daughter and me, for example), and is simply outstanding in providing constituent services.  

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Sun Gazette editorial: Bring on the meals-tax referendum ... in 2015

Members of the Board of Supervisors who desperately want to push through a meals tax over the objections of the great unwashed (that is, we the taxpaying public) must have been mightily disappointed by the report issued last week by the task force they hand-selected for the job.

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Sun Gazette editorial: Try to keep it classy, governor

We can all debate the merits of Medicaid expansion, and whether Gov. McAuliffe’s budget actions last week were right (or even constitutional), but it seemed a little, well, tacky, that McAuliffe’s political apparatus sent out a fund-raising appeal based on his actions.

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Letter: It is Comstock whose campaign relies on national donors

Editor: While I applaud the plea in your June 12 editorial [“Our View: A Break, Then the General Election”] for “high-quality politics, with a vigorous discussion of the issues,” I must take issue with your warning about the flood of national Democratic money into the race for the Congress in the 10th District.

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Letter: Will Beyer hold candidates he supports accountable?

Editor: His own election virtually reassured, 8th District Democratic nominee Don Beyer states that he will help other Democratic candidates, specifically naming John Foust in his contest against Barbara Comstock in the 10th District.

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Letter: Dulles needs to up its offerings to maintain business travelers

Editor: I agree with Marty Bollinger’s June 19 letter regarding Washington Dulles International Airport being unfriendly to its passengers.  

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Sun Gazette editorial: Bicyclists, get those helmets on

A recent study, while not met with universal acceptance, has concluded that, in communities with bicycle-share programs, the proportion of head injuries among bicyclists increases because so many of those who participate in the bike-sharing do not wear helmets.

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Sun Gazette editorial: High school soccer needs more oversight

A rash of incidents in boys’ high-school soccer games in recent weeks suggests that school officials need to be paying closer attention and providing stronger oversight.

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Letter: There are reasons Dulles is lagging

Editor: I read with interest your recent article on the challenge of dealing with a “stagnant” Dulles Airport, for which traffic has been in decline as flyers take their business elsewhere.  

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Letter: Comstock is part of obstructionism in Richmond

Editor: Elections certainly do have consequences, and so, apparently, does blackmail, if the case of state Sen. Phil Puckett is any example.

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Letter: Do not merely explain away Comstock voting pattern

Editor: I want to take an exception to a part of your otherwise good editorial [“A Break, Then the General Election,” June 12].

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Sun Gazette editorial: Time for a political break

Tuesday’s Democratic primary in the 8th Congressional District sets the  stage for election season, which we hope against hope will be a serious-minded discussion of key issues.

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