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When the Virginia High School League's Executive Committee meets Jan. 28, it will discuss a proposal to ensure that players cannot transfer after their team's regular season is over and play for another school in the playoffs.

The proposal states: “Any student who transfers after a VHSL member receiving school’s regular season, in that sport, has concluded is ineligible in postseason play for that VHSL member school in postseason play, in that sport.”

The agenda for the Jan. 28 meeting said the reason for the change "would prevent student athletes from moving between schools for the sole purpose of playing in the postseason."

The proposed change comes after football player BriQuan Harrell played for Western Branch during the regular season and then transferred to Oscar Smith, where he played in two state playoff games. Harrell’s transfer was approved and met the Virginia High School League rules.

But after backlash over Harrell’s move, the VHSL began to explore ways to prevent such a situation from arising again. Colonial Forge was particularly upset about Harrell’s transfer. Harrell’s first game with Oscar Smith was against the Eagles in the state semifinals. Oscar Smith won in double overtime.

For the proposal to pass, the executive commitment must approve it first by majority vote. If it passes there, then a two-thirds majority must approve the amendment to go into effect for the 2018-19 school year.

The agenda for the Jan. 28 meeting states the VHSL staff recommends approval.

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