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Mountain View starter Jessie Kantor delivers a pitch during her team's game against Stone Bridge for the state championship on Friday, June 14, 2019 in Richmond.


Pitcher Emerson Aiken Glen Allen 10

Pitcher Emily Sappington Stone Bridge 12

Pitcher Jessie Kantor Mountain View 11

Catcher Bridget Motley Gloucester 12

1st Base Carsen Sanders Atlee 9

2nd Base Elena Gonzalez Stone Bridge 12

3rd Base Bianca Palmer Kempsville 11

Shortstop Olivia Valbak Stone Bridge 11

DP-Flex Hope Newton Freedom 12

Outfielder Lauren Fox Stone Bridge 11

Outfielder Stormi Nichols Menchville 11

Outfielder Sydney Blackwell Mills Godwin 10

Outfielder Hadlea Valera Kempsville 12

Utility Lauren Murphey Mills Godwin 12

Player of the Year Olivia Valbak Stone Bridge 11

Coach of the Year Billy Rice Stone Bridge


Pitcher Sarah Johnson Menchville 12

Pitcher Mackenzie Smith Gloucester 11

Pitcher Morgan Hess Freedom 10

Catcher Katie Cole Halifax 12

1st Base Misty Evan NRHS 12

2nd Base Ashley Hailey Glen Allen 12

3rd Base Korey Ellen Glen Allen 12

Shortstop Lauren Taylor Lee-Davis 12

DP-Flex Kayla Gayle Mountain View 10

Outfielder Katie Dodge Glen Allen 12

Outfielder Trinity Martin Halifax 9

Outfielder Alison Carter N. Stafford 10

Outfielder Kensley Hess Freedom 12

Utility Madison Barnes Halifax 9

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