During last Friday’s confab between Arlington County Board members and their counterparts in the local General Assembly delegation, an interesting situation bubbled up, almost in passing.

According to one legislator, it appeared that Arlington’s in-person absentee balloting was, technically speaking, illegal, because the building in which it was conducted (the gub’mint headquarters in Courthouse) was leased, rather than owned, by the government.

Whoop, whoop, red alert – that news caught a number of County Board members by surprise, and since they had the knowledge that there were at least two viewers (God and myself) tuned in to watch and pass judgment on the proceedings, they seemed a little alarmed that this news was put forward in a public forum.

Being the capo di tutti i capi of the local media corps(e), I put in an e-mail to Arlington’s eminence of elections, Linda Lindberg, who responded that, never fear, while one section of the Code of Virginia may be a tad ambiguous on the subject, Arlington was covered by another section of it, rendering the absentee balloting legitimate.

Good news for Arlington, but alas not so good for news coverage, as that would have been a fun story. But that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Don’t forget: We’re moving! (In a fashion)

As of the weekend, the blogs of Dave Facinoli and myself move over to www.sungazette.news (note the “.news” part). Scroll down a bit and you’ll find them – it’s an uncluttered Website that is easy to navigate.

We’ve already got some up there, so if you want to get in the habit, start today!

– Scott

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How about moving the political press releases and press releases lobbying for more favorable treatment for single-interest special interests over to Sun Gazette Arlington and leaving Inside Nova for community news reporting?

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