Hard to believe that, for the second time in as many weeks, I’m reminiscing with some wistfulness about the days when Northern Virginia had strong – albeit authoritarian – leadership at the helm of its public-school systems.

Because it sure seems that’s not the case these days.

Latest example: Alexandria. School leaders in that city have decided that there will be no school tomorrow. Why? Because staff members were trying to get the day off to participate in what’s being called “A Day Without Women,” another in the series of anti-Trump protests we’ve been seeing.

I think back to 30 or so years ago and what would have happened in a situation like this in some jurisdictions across N.Va. Let’s just say that classes would have been held and staff would have been on the job. But not these days, at least not in Alexandria.

Well, no doubt it’ll give the school-system employees who take the day off and protest (if indeed they do) some sense of self-righteous satisfaction. And lordy, maybe even the poobahs and poo-bettes who run Alexandria schools will feel the same way.

But the sad fact is, Thursday morning will dawn with Alexandria students yet another day further behind a billion kids in Asia, whose countries take education a little more seriously than our own.

Actually, by the end of the week, Asian kids will be two more days ahead of Alexandria’s student body, since that school system has a teacher workday on Friday.


- Scott

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