Because it appears it’s never too early to start playing politics when it comes to elections slated for 2021 (!), the leader of Republicans in Virginia’s House of Delegates is calling on (Democratic) state attorney general Mark Herring to resign promptly, now that he’s intimated he’ll be running for governor.

Ay yay yay:

• First of all, that election is nearly three years away, so if there’s any resigning to do, it would be the sporting thing for Herring to do it at the end of 2020 or the start of 2021. But 2018? C’mon.

• While it used to be tradition that attorneys general did resign when they prepared to run for governor, that streak was broken when Republican Ken Cuccinelli opted to stay in office during his 2013 bid for the top job against Democrat Terry McAuliffe. So it’s a little rich for the Republicans to be trying to score points this way.

(That’s right, Virginia Republicans; You’ve backed me into a corner and into defending Mark Herring. That takes some doing.)

Ah well, this is all on a slow train to nowheresville: Herring will stay in office at least for another two years as he gears up for an election bid.

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– Scott

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