Interesting state-legislative information was posted late last week by the Virginia Public Access Project, listing stock holdings of members (and immediate family members) of the General Assembly, based on 2015 reports.

It tickled my funny bone that two Arlington/Fairfax legislators – Sens. Barbara Favola and Janet Howell – reported family holdings in McDonald’s and Pepsi, respectively. Seems a little junk-food-junky-esque for Democratic legislators who no doubt would encourage us all to eat and drink better.

(And as for Howell, holding all that Pepsi stock puts her in the middle of the eternal Coke-vs.-Pepsi debate. I lean toward Coke, but probably not so much that I’d base my vote on it.)

Just as interesting, the data noted that new Del. Mark Levine (D-Waaaay Left) had between $50,000 and $250,000 in stock holdings in JP Morgan Chase, which would seem to be right up there with the likes of Dominion and cigarette companies on the list of stocks Democratic legislators might not want to be holding. (Levine also apparently likes forward-thinking technology: He reported more than $250,000 in holdings in Apple.)

Also on the list: Del. Rip Sullivan has holdings in Disney, General Electric and (along with colleagues Favola and Howell) Procter & Gamble. What could be more all-American than those three?

Sometimes Juggling Multiple Hats Can Be Problematic

It was curious that Arlington County Board candidate Erik Gutshall spoke at the board’s public-comment session Saturday, ostensibly on behalf of his neighbors in Lyon Park, to press for more County Board action against Nova Armory, which opened nearby a couple of weeks ago.

My bushy eyebrows immediately immediately: Was Gutshall doing this exclusively on behalf of his neighbors, or was he cannily trying to push his opponent – County Board Chairman Libby Garvey – into a corner on the issue?

It looked, from the outside, that Gutshall was aiming to score political points while maintaining plausible deniability that he was attempting any such thing. Few polished political pros can manage such a trick; it is decidedly dangerous for a first-time candidate to give it a whirl.

Regardless (or is it “irregardless”?), Garvey and her board colleagues said they were doing everything they legally could on the issue. They responded with silence to one of Gutshall’s requests – that they issue a formal denunciation of the gun shop’s presence in the form of a resolution.

– Scott

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LOL. Love those Country Club - Chamber of Commerce Democrats. You can safely bet they're all endorsing Hillary.


Erik Gutshall is a Smart Growth America robot controlled by Chris Zimmerman.


Thumbs Down to Erik Gutshall. For his scare tactics in his Lyon Park neighborhood and at last Saturday's County Board meeting regarding the gun store that's now a Member in Good Standing of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. (I don't own firearms, BTW).

Erik Gutshall is the latest in a long series of Chris Zimmerman hand puppets. If I am hurt in and around Lyon Park it will be by one or more of Erik Gutshall's fellow Millennials who is/are 5 times over the limit for DWI. The Arlington Police Department is seriously stressed babysitting Millennial idiots, as Arlington's 1st District Police Commander stated to the County Board on Saturday.

Speaking of schools, the latest APS budget for FY 17 is $582 million. With what the County contributes for school nurses, crossing guards, and the like, APS takes more than 50$ of the County's tax revenue. How much more should the taxpayers be giving APS?


Time to replace the career politician. Like Ms. Garvey, I opposed the streetcar and welcomed her support of John Vihstadt. But the phony micro-tax cut she wants is a hoax. It's insulting. She thinks she can fool voters by getting the newbies to go along with this. It will mean nothing to our pocketbooks. It will mean that they fail to fund the schools for the first time in a long time. Shameful games.


Erk Guthall is all talk. He rubber stamps whatever comes before the Planning Commission with the other Commmissioners, 9-0, 10-0, 11-0

Mr. McCaffrey's fellow Arlington Chamber of Commerce Boosters welomed the aforementioned firearms retail store into the Chamber earlier this month.

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