News began percolating in the mainstream media some days back that Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring indeed does plan to run for governor in 2021, having opted to stick with his current job rather than take the plunge for higher office in 2017.

The only problem for Herring is that, in the interim, the commonwealth’s lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, has gotten an even earlier, if somewhat under the radar, start on his bid to be the successor to Ralph Northam.

Herring benefits from the advantage of name recognition and a more substantive political résumé than Fairfax, but the lieutenant governor clearly is ahead in the hustling-out-on-the-hustings category.

If Virginia history has taught us anything, it is the he who hesitates to run for governor usually ends up short. (“He” standing in for both genders; I go back far enough to have covered Mary Sue Terry’s unsuccessful bid for governor after she spent eight years as attorney general. Don Beyer and Bill Bolling are two others who spent eight years in downballot posts and then could not move up to the top.)

The fact that Herring had to make it public now that he was in the running suggests he fears being eclipsed by Fairfax, who occupies a part-time position and thus is able to spend the vast bulk of his time traveling the commonwealth and glad-handing with the Democratic electorate.

Anyway, it’s all in the future, and there’s one big reason not to even want to think about 2021: That’s the year Northern Virginia’s sex-starved cicadas come out of the ground after 17 years, make as much noise as they can to find mates before dying – with, presumably, a smile or their little faces.

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- Scott

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Allen Muchnick

Justin Fairfax would make a great Virginia Attorney General and should have a prime shot at the Democratic nomination with Mark Herring out of contention. No doubt, Herring and Fairfax have discussed this thoroughly.

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