Fascinating, if somewhat overly long, coverage yesterday by The Washington Post of a poll it commissioned on attitudes of Native Americans on the “Redskins” part of the “Washington Redskins.”

In what the paper said was the first major polling of the Native American community on the subject, it turns out almost nobody cares about the name or finds it offensive.

Doubly fascinating that this came from The Post, which has been a lead provacateur in what clearly (as evidenced by the poll results) has been a media-driven story. They demolished their own years-in-the-making storyline and handed a huge victory to their nemesis, Daniel Snyder.

Even ol’ Lowell “Blue Virginia” Feld, king of the self-righteously indignant, tossed in the towel, saying (to his credit) that if the evidence says the Native American community doesn’t find this offensive, he’ll find other things to do than spend his time railing about it.

Don’t forget that last year both the Arlington County Board (on a split vote that included two abstentions) and the Arlington County Democratic Committee approved resolutions calling on a change in the name. Arlington Democratic chairman Kip Malinosky tells me he still feels the name should be changed; I’m cobbling together comments from elected officials and we’ll have some coverage.

Here’s How a Modern-Day Scam Would Have Played Out, Circa 1975

The Fairfax County Police Department yesterday put out a press release noting a new scam, one in which parents are called and told their children have been abducted, then find themselves fleeced for cash before realizing it is all a hoax.

Oh, how times have changed. Back in the day, parents were a whole lot less worried about sending their little darlings out into the world. Ten-year-olds were sent to the corner story to pick up beer for mommy and daddy, and nobody blinked an eye.

Here’s how I suspect the conversation would have been like in the mid-1970s had someone tried to pull this type of scam on the sainted Mama McCaffrey:

Scammer: “We’ve abducted little Scotty.”

Sainted Mama M: “How much will you pay us to take him back? And when you give him the money and turn him loose, tell him to pick up a six-pack of Miller High Life on his way home.”

Good times!

- Scott

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While it's nice to know that Native Americans are not offended by the name Redskins, I will still avoid it because it is deeply offensive to most straight white progressives - their delicate sensitivities should be respected. Plus, one still gets massive virtue-signaling points for ostentatiously avoiding the term and referring to "the Washington football team."

Janet Smith

LOL. You just reported that the County Board is up to its usual antics, one out of fifteen advisory commission appointees is from a racial or ethnic minority group.

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