The late, great Peggy Vetter, owner of the Herndon Observer newspaper (also R.I.P.), had more common sense than a room full of media consultants. One could make a snarky comment about the latter, but I will hold my fire.

Vetter knew that, when it came to the week between Christmas and New Year’s, (a) there was very little news being made, and even more important, (b) nobody wanted to advertise.

So Peggy always put the newspaper on hiatus that week, giving the staff a chance to get out of town, if desired, and decompress.

It’s been 30 years since then, but the Sun Gazette ownership is taking the same tack: We will be taking a one-week break during that interregnum (your word of the day) period between 2018 and 2019. No paper on Dec. 27.

Brian Trompeter will be away in Texas, I will be away in Florida, and for the most part, we won’t be checking e-mails or social-media postings. Huzzah!

But never fear, you online junkies: There will be fresh news from Arlington and Fairfax posted throughout the week we are away, set on the timer and ready to drop onto the fabulous Al Gore Internet. It’s just the kind of guys we are.

In the ever-more anemic media biz, it has been a [word that rhymes with “witty”] year both macro and micro, so a little time in the sun will help us recalibrate and go into 2019 in the proper frame of mind. Or, heck, if it starts snowing up here, we must just stay down there. Time will tell :)

An ode from me to the crows of Shirlington

“Lordy knows, I love our crows.

But joy of joys, they make some noise.”

– Scott

P.S. – Remember that as of this weekend, blogging moves to All the news coverage stays here, but if you want the opinion of myself and sports editor Dave Facinoli, that will be your spot. And CLICK HERE to see our opining on the latest battle between the Sun Gazette office and our technological infrastructure.

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