Only someone wishing to get plenty of hate mail in the ol’ e-mail in-basket would headline a story “Study Finds Arlington Teachers Overpaid Compared to Peers.” So I’m definitely not going to do that.

But such a headline would have some basis in fact: A study conducted on behalf of the Arlington school system by Segal Waters Consulting found that Arlington teachers are either at the “market average” in salaries across the region (including D.C. and the suburbs), or receive up to 14 percent more than the market average.

Arlington Public Schools salaries, the report notes with some understatement, are “very competitive” for the market.

(Just a hunch: Had D.C. schools been left out of the mix, and only jurisdictions in the suburbs been counted, Arlington would have been more in front of the pack than it already is.)

The report notes that there are some support jobs in the school system where pay lags behind other jurisdictions: cafeteria workers, instructional assistants, bus drivers and some maintenance and custodial positions among them. But as for teachers, they are doing pretty well, comparatively.

Let me throw this suggestion out there, a la Gavrilo Princip (remember him?), to see the world war that ensues: Why not, in its next budget cycle, have Arlington Public Schools slightly reduce its teacher salaries, down to 100 percent of the regional average (counting D.C.), in order to fund pay raises for those underpaid support workers? Who’s with me?

Everybody relax: I’m just funnin’ with ya (or something that starts with an “f”). We all know how this is actually going to play out in the coming year – everybody’s going to get raises!

The report will be presented at Thursday night’s School Board meeting. Should make for interesting conversation.

From the History Column: Choo-Choo Edition!

According to the Sun’s history column, it was 160 years ago this month – early November, 1856 – that a new locomotive traveled from Alexandria up to the Long Bridge over the Potomac and back as part of a trial.

Trains weren’t exactly new, but innovations were coming fast and furious, and this appears to have been another upgrade to rail service, based on the report.

– Scott

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Overpaid? Too many employees? Do a search on Arlington County employees salaries and you will see results of a FOIA request 3 years ago.

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