It’s a hard, busy and detailed job with long hours.

That’s what perspective directors of student activities for high schools in the Fairfax County public schools system are learning during an evening course taught by the knowledgeable Dave Morgan, who held that position for many years at various schools.

The Washington-Lee High School graduate and member of the Arlington Sports Hall of Fame lectures the class about the demands of the positions, all that is involved, as well as having various guest speakers – many current DSAs – present lessons and give their takes on such jobs.

Morgan was the DSA at J.E.B. Stuart, South Lakes and Oakton in Fairfax County. Since his retirement in 2004, he has worked as an interim DSA and assistant principal at multiple Fairfax County high schools.

The most recent class for the prospective new DSAs was held the evening of Dec. 4 at Robinson Secondary School. Morgan gave a lesson about time management, properly delegating and organization – probably three of the most important aspects about those demanding positions, with hours running much later than 9 to 5.

Bill Curran, director of the office of student activities and athletic programs for Fairfax County Schools, attended and gave his input.

Three current DSAs went over the process and details of all that is involved, including much paperwork, when a school hosts big sporting events, or one of its many teams or individuals qualify for region- or state-tournament competitions.

Morgan invited a member of the media to speak to the class about working with DSA staffs and ways to streamline that process.

Class members asked many questions about everything. None seemed scared off regarding the details of a potential difficult job that might be theirs one day soon.

– Dave

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