The following list of candidates will be on the ballot in November. 

Va. Senate

13th District

  • Geary Higgins, Republican
  • John Bell, Democrat

28th District

  • Richard H. Stuart, Republican
  • Qasim Rashid, Democrat

39th District

  • S.W. “Dutch” Hillenburg, Republican
  • George L. Barker, Democrat, incumbent


  • 29th District: Jeremy McPike, Democrat, incumbent
  • 36th District: Scott A. Surovell, Democrat, incumbent

Va. House

2nd District

  • Heather F. Mitchell, Republican
  • Jennifer D. Carroll Foy, Democrat, incumbent

13th District

  • Kelly S. McGinn, Republican
  • Danica A. Roem, Democrat, incumbent

31st District

  • D.J. Jordan, Republican
  • Elizabeth R. Guzman, Democrat, incumbent

40th District

  • Tim Hugo, Republican, incumbent
  • Dan Helmer, Democrat

50th District

  • Ian Lovejoy, Republican
  • Lee Carter, Democrat, incumbent

51st District

  • Rich Anderson, Republican
  • Hala Ayala, Democrat, incumbent

52nd District

  • Maria Martin, Republican
  • Luke Torian, Democrat, incumbent

87th District

  • Bill Drennan, Republican
  • Suhas Subramanyam, Democrat


PWC Commonwealth’s Attorney

  • Mike May, Republican
  • Amy Ashworth, Democrat

PWC Sheriff

  • Glenn Hill, Republican, incumbent
  • Joshua King, Democrat
  • Rhonda Dickson, independent

Board of Supervisors


  • John Gray, Republican
  • Ann Wheeler, Democrat
  • Donald Scoggins, independent
  • Muneer Baig, independent

Brentsville District

  • Jeanine Lawson, Republican, incumbent
  • Maggie Hansford, Democrat

Coles District

  • Yesli Vega, Republican
  • Raheel Sheikh, Democrat

Gainesville District

  • Pete Candland, Republican, incumbent
  • Danny Funderburk, Democrat

Occoquan District

  • Ruth Anderson, Republican, incumbent
  • Kenny Allen Boddye, Democrat

Potomac District

  • Douglas Taggart, Republican
  • Andrea Bailey, Democrat


  • Neabsco District: Victor Angry, Democrat, incumbent
  • Woodbridge District: Margaret Franklin, Democrat

School Board


  • Alyson Satterwhite
  • Babur Lateef, incumbent
  • Stanley Bender

Brentsville District

  • Shawn Brann
  • Adele Jackson

Coles District

  • Jacqueline Gaston
  • Lisa Zargarpur
  • Willie Deutsch, incumbent

Gainesville District

  • Jennifer Wall
  • Patricia Kuntz

Neabsco District

  • Joseph George
  • Diane Raulston, incumbent
  • Latifa Garrison

Occoquan District

  • Karen Boyd
  • Lillie Jessie, incumbent


  • Potomac District: Justin Wilk
  • Woodbridge District: Loree Williams

PWC Soil and Water Conservation Director

Tammi Lambert, Will Lintner, Mansimran Kahlon, Tiziana Bottino, Stephanie Comnell 

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Please vote straight Democratic in November. Remember The Republican roadblocks in the last dozen years.

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