Details for Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors
Rappahannock County, Virginia
Pursuant to Section 170-133 of the Rappahannock County Code (RCC) and Section 15.2-2204 of the 1950 Code of Virginia, as amended, notice is hereby given
that the Board of Supervisors for Rappahannock County, Virginia, will a hold
a public hearing on Monday, February 3, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the evening in the
Courthouse, 250 Gay Street, Washington, Virginia, in order to consider the following
Special Exception
Aileen of Rappahannock LLC, owner(s) of Tax Map 13, Parcel 31, containing
14.9657 acres, zoned commercial general district, located at 113 Aileen Road, Flint
Hill, Virginia, Hampton District, proposes a Condominium Conversion of the property. RCC Section 170-47.M requires uses that do not conform to the underlying
zoning requirements be reviewed at the time of ownership conversion to confirm
that existing nonconformities will not be adversely affected by the proposed ownership conversion. Further, the applicant has applied to expand the area of use of the
nonconforming wholesale operation doing business as Turner Foods, LLC (Virginia
Chutney) from 9,600 sf to 13,600 sf as permitted by RCC 170-36.H.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Copies of the foregoing application is on file at the Zoning Office, 311 N Gay Street,
Washington, Virginia, and available for public inspection Monday through Friday,
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Planning Commission found that the conversion will not
adversely affect nonconformities during their preliminary review of the application as
part of their October 16, 2019 regular meeting and recommended that the Board of
Supervisors deny the request for the expansion of nonconforming use.
Michelle L. Somers
Rappahannock County Zoning Administrator
1/16 & 1/23/20


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