A little magic in the form of four miniature horses and a Jack Russel terrier came to the Culpeper Health and Rehabilitation on Wednesday, May 13.

A Little Magic President and Director Judy Rennyson, with her miniature horse Cheyenne, Holly Thelin with Biscuit, Cheryl Bryant with Lola, Valerie Amster with Lola and Bettyann Senf, with her dog Scotty, visited as many of the facility's 164 residents as they could, parading outside each window for a few minutes on a sunny May afternoon. (Helping out their Mom were Alyssa and Jessica Amster as well.)

Biscuit came dressed as a groom, along with Cheyenne as the bride. Lola was dressed in bright yellow colors and Dolly was dolled up in a carousel outfit.

Tammy Powers, activities director at Culpeper Health and Rehabilitation, noted that A Little Magic routinely visits the center at 602 Madison Road in Culpeper, usually to parade around and show off their tricks.

A Little Magic is a group of trained volunteer helpers and handlers, along with their trained and experienced miniature horses who provide animal assisted educational activities for children, teens  and adults who could benefit from those activities, according to its website. 

A Little Magic teams all pass the required test for handlers with Pet Partners, a national organization that screens, tests and registers handlers and their animals for animal assisted activities. The therapy teams have passed the required coursework and all horses have passed an evaluation by a Pet Partners team to assure that their training and temperaments are suitable for therapy work.

Part of A Little Magic's mission is education about horses, miniature horses and the aspects of therapy that they can provide. The group welcomes requests from area Girl Scout troops, 4-H programs and the like. 

For more information, visit alittlemagic.org.











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