These property transfers for March 2020 were provided by the Culpeper County Assessor’s Office. Appreciation is extended to W. Jason Kilby and his staff. 

April Top Dollar Deal: Stevensburg District, $1,650,000. The printing of this list is made possible by ReMax Crossroads of Culpeper. Total: 93

Catalpa District

4/1: Schuler, Mark A and Wife to Jenkins, Gregory; 10.11 acres located at 12205 Drogheda Mountain RD, $365,000

4/3: Belew, Michael David and Wife to Perez, Jose Adolfo JR and Other; 5.06 acres located at 14095 Ashlyn LN, $430,000

4/3: Brown, Robert J and Wife to Windsor, Steven A JR; 10.21 acres located near Stonehouse Mtn RD, $115,500

4/6: Buskill, Benjamin A and Wife to Larios, Teresa; .43 acres located at 15068 General AP Hill AVE, $40,000

4/6: Brown, Robert J and Wife to Caliber Homebuilder INC; 10.22 acres located near Stonehouse Mtn RD, $132,500

4/10: CMH Homes INC to Gray, Tina M; 3 acres located at 6369 Eggbornsville RD, $302,000

4/10: Jefferson Homebuilders INC to Athey, William H III and Other; 5.13 acres located at 13023 Eggbornsville RD, $396,650

4/21: Askew, Sean N and Wife to Romano, Paul and Wife; 10.62 acres located at 11064 Stream Side LN, $535,000

4/22: Carter, Debera Ann to Corbin, Stephen W; Multiple parcels located near Sperryville PIKE, $280,500

4/28: Weldon, Robert James to Gulledge, Philip Lee, 4.42 acres located at 14078 Horseshoe CT, $262,000

4/28: Rising, James S to Davenport, Lance E and Other; 1.47 acres located at 14080 Dutch DR, $400,000

4/29: Beaver, Thomas A and Wife to Bredehoft, Brent B and Other; 10.15 acres located at 10052 Settle School RD, $595,000

4/30: Jefferson Homebuilders INC to McDonald, Scott Thomas and Wife; 5.75 acres located at 13025 Eggbornsville RD, $366,700


Catalpa Town District

4/2: Fellows, Katie T to Workhorse Investment Group LLC; .17 acres located at 1105 Jackson ST, $165,000

4/7: Nacif, Daniel E to Rooney, Caitlin and Other; .49 acres located at 1118 Old Rixeyville RD, $244,000

4/27: Brock Brothers LLC to Kirchner, Charles V and Wife; 7 acres located at 218 Griffith DR, $450,000


Cedar MTN District

4/1: Sanchez Rosales, Jesus Ivan and Wife to Zelaya Argueta, Pablo C; 2.65 acres located at 11733 James Madison HWY, $392,000

4/2: Panlilio, Michael to Buena LLC; .19 acres located at 26231 Rapidan RD, $27,000

4/3: Brown, Robert J and Wife to Meier, Jeffrey J and Wife; 11.72 acres located near Sarahs WAY, $105,000

4/9: Groves, Timothy A to Lacey, Wendy Lou and Husband; 1.3 acres located at 20443 Dove Hill RD, $230,000

4/10: Frederick, William J and Wife to Butler Eric; 7 acres located near Mortons LN, $28,000

4/15: Reser, Michael H and Other to Stepp, Bradley; 9.45 acres located at 7793 White Oak RD, $510,700

4/20: Hunter, David L to Golez, Wilfredo S and Other; .14 acres located at 12342 Osprey LN, $385,000

4/22: Stabilit, Rosemarie Beeler to Wilhoite Buena LLC; 27 acres located near Wilhoite LN, $80,000

4/23: Cochran, Bernard W JR and Others to New England Stone Industries INC, $40,000

4/24: Cheston, Frank C III and Wife to 11091 Clair Mist CT LLC; 1.97 acres located at 11091 Clair Mist CT, $430,000

4/24: Holtslag, Tobi L and Other to Wilson, Nathan McKay and Other; .13 acres located at 12007 Live Oak DR, $324,000

4/29: Drone, Buddy to Benitez, Blanca I; .36 acres located at 10537 James Madison HWY, $100,000

4/30: Mills, Eric & Testerman, Karen; .17 acres located at 11922 Field Stone BLVD, $349,500 


Cedar MTN Town District

4/1: Hunt, Lawrence Allen to Aburto Garmendia, Augusto Cesar; .12 acres located at 138 Queen Victoria ST, $330,000

4/3: Singleton, Kristina D to Stanley, Courtney Reece; Townhouse located at 636 Ripplebrook DR, $189,900

4/29: Kowalewski, Ashley M to Schools, Jonathan B; Townhouse located at 440 Cromwell CT, $192,000


East Fairfax District

4/1: Richmond American Homes of America INC to Breisch, Kalyn M; .15 acres located at 2138 Juniper DR, $281,120

4/1: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Reeder, Michael Scott; .19 acres located at 2122 Chestnut Dr, $372,716

4/1: Chicas Rodriguez, Eduardo to McKinley, Robert S and Wife; .23 acres located at 2438 Post Oak DR, $275,000

4/2: MacDonald, Kenneth to Hercules, Nere Franco; .28 acres located at 1120 Meander Dr, $250,000

4/2: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Garza-Baker, Diane and Other; .18 acres located at 2160 Juniper DR, $347,668

4/9: Stewart, Jonathan and Wife to Morales, Jose S JR; .17 acres located at 2020 Magnolia CIR, $316,700

4/13: Wilson, Robert A and Wife to Nicholson, John W and Wife; Townhouse located at 2261 Forsythia DR, $230,000

4/29: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Bouras, Peter Louis; .16 acres located at 2175 Juniper DR, $351,663 

4/30: Groover, Nora E to Neal, Kellie M; .23 acres located at 313 Madison ST, $207,000


Jefferson District

4/6: Magee, William and Other to Lillybrooke LLC; Multiple parcels located near Lee HWY, $334,000

4/7: Guidice, Tracy W to Wahl, Eric and Wife; 10.01 acres located at 16335 Deerfield LN, $425,000

4/8: Bozzelli, Craig K and Other to Coisman, James G and Wife; 102.59 acres located at 7142 Waterford RD, $975,000

4/9: Naw Properties LLC to Strickland, Brandon and Wife; 10.01 acres located near Glenn Mill LN, $110,000

4/10: Kohler Brothers LLC to Vooys, Shannon Rae and Husband; 10 acres located near Firefly RD, $100,000

4/17: Childress, Calvin Benjamin to Christian, Bailey Steven; 5.00 acres located near Scottsville RD, $42,000

4/20: Caudle, James R and Wife to Boyd, Lyle William and Wife; 3.71 acres located at 14311 Settle DR, $435,000

4/24: Federal National Mortgage Associates to Digirolamo, Robert; 1.24 acres located at 17016 Waterloo RD, $240,000

4/24: Sheesley, George M and Wife to Page, David Gardener; 2.26 acres located at 4117 Running Quail TRL, $453,000

4/27: Judd, Wallace L and Wife to Belew, Michael; 3.81 acres located at 1255 Dulin DR, $275,000

4/28: Logan, Dana R to Cordy, Joshua and Wife; 7.82 acres located near Springfield Cir, $79,900

4/28: Goemmer, Sherri N to Rossy, Luis Alfonso and Wife; 12.1 acres located at 17167 Waterloo RD, $750,000

4/30: Caffi, Horace P JR to Crouch, Antoinette H; 1.57 acres located at 20103 Jacks Hollow LN, $279,900


Salem District

4/1: SONA INC to Robertson, James II and Wife; 2.19 acres located at 10247 Quartz AVE, $457,208

4/3: SONA INC to Pickeral, Brandon Lee and Wife; 2.06 acres located at 10259 Quartz AVE, $407,025

4/7: Howard, Sean Matthew and Wife to Fayle, Vincent and Wife; Multiple parcels located near Gibson Mill RD, $548,000

4/9: London, Joe A to Fanelli, Susan L; 33.50 acres located at 8021 Olympic WAY, $458,857.17

4/17: Vasant Investment LLC to SONA INC; 2.38 acres located at 10329 Quartz AVE, $62,200

4/17: SONS INC to Lester, James Brandon and Wife; 2.38 acres located at 10329 Quartz AVE, $425,899

4/20: Buhl, Sheila A and Other to Welch, Linda; 2 acres located at 17383 Lakemont DR, $361,950

4/21: Wilson, John Halle and Other to Peacefield LLC; 2.01 acres located at 12379 Hazel Ridge LN, $530,000

4/24: Gravely, William A JR and Wife to Lesicka, Nathan C and Wife; 4.37 acres located at 10006 Montelago LN, $639,900

4/24: Lummis, Wayne and Wife to Dezorzi, Thomas David; 1.5 acres located at 15188 My RD, $261,414

4/29: Kincheloe, Joseph C to Horton, Savannah R and Other; .87 acres located at 9221 White Shop RD, $275,000

4/29: Loyd, Margaret G to Lasalle, Michael Brian and Wife; Multiple parcels located near Loyds LN, $300,000


Stevensburg District

4/3: Shepherd, Dennis to Elkwood Ranch LLC; Multiple parcels located near Newbys Shop RD, $250,000

4/6: Easterwood, Cheryl A to Delauder, Lauren E and Husband; 3 acres located near 21261 Yellowbottom RD, $365,000

4/9: Loverde, Most Rev Paul S to Grogan, William; 25 acres located near Stone Mill RD, $111,600

4/9: Arbor Tech INC to Hawkins, Michael Eugene SR and Wife; 2.05 acres located at 16377 Stevensburg RD, $427,560

4/10: Fluharty, Andrew Mason to Delcid, Jose Edgar Cruz; .99 acres located at 29253 Eleys Ford RD, $118,000

4/21: Walsh, James T to Rockwood Homes INC; 3.68 acres located near Walkers LN, $60,000

4/21: Campbell, Cynthia J and Husband to Buhl, Sheila A and Other; 1.06 acres located at 17059 Willow Creek LN, $288,000

4/24: White, Robert G to Wilson, John Halle and Wife; .51 acres located at 14216 Belle AVE, $435,000

4/30: Soccer Group INC to Kelso, Edmund W III and Wife; Multiple parcels located near Carrico Mills RD, $1,650,000


West Fairfax District

4/1: Ahmed, Mirza and Other to Gehringer, Ryan; .13 acres located at 933 Lakewood CIR, $300,000

4/2: Ashby, Dustin Cole and Wife to Cleland, Daniel Lee SR and Wife; Townhouse located at 331 Snyder LN, $235,000

4/6: Palmer, Brian G and Other to Evans, Laura Michelle; .16 acres located at 242 Whitworth DR, $315,000

4/8: Culpeper Investments LLC to NVR INC; .35 acres located at 716 Keswick DR, $103,000

4/8: Simpson, Kenneth and Wife to Hadlock, Michael and Wife; .35 acres located at 880 Fairwood DR, $370,000

4/9: Maratto, Greg A and Wife to Stidham, Marlene; .23 acres located at 1161 Virginia AVE, $262,000

4/10: NVR INC to Thompson, Charles William and Other; .69 acres located at 845 Keswick DR, $449,030

4/14: Culpeper Investments LLC to NVR INC; .27 acres located at 137 Wayland Manor DR, $103,000

4/14: FFC Properties LLC to Maratto, Greg Anthony and Other; .22 acres located at 824 Lakeland CT, $334,250

4/14: Rousseau, Steven and Wife to Martinak, Aaron Joseph and Wife; .31 acres located at 219 W Park AVE, $425,000

4/16: Clubb, Sean J and Wife to Hawkins, Anthony J and Wife; .22 acres located at 950 Riverdale CIR, $342,000

4/16: Green, Gary Robert to Burrell, Antonia L; .15 acres located at 1001 Riverdale CIR, $325,000

4/17: Jefferson Homebuilders INC to Reisner, Shane and Wife; .65 acres located at 310 Spring ST, $320,000

4/22: 147 W Davis LC to Phase Deux LLC; .08 acres located at 147 W Davis ST, $330,000

4/22: Culpeper Investments LLC to NVR INC; .29 acres located at 909 Greengable CT, $103,000

4/24: Neville, Scott J and Wife to Pierce, Davie and Wife; .26 acres located at 309 W Asher ST, $220,000

4/24: Stultz, Virgie May and Others to Williams, Franklin; .22 acres located at 106 Glazier ST, $115,000 

4/28: Culpeper Investments LLC to NVR INC; .82 acres located at 837 Keswick DR, $103,000

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