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The summer sun is shining brightly and it’s time to lighten up and cool down in the adult beverage department.   When the dynamic duo, heat and humidity, roll into town you might want to consider a cool refreshing wine based summer cocktail to get you through the hot and hazy days.   While doing some serious “research and development” for some new wine cocktails, I came across a few that will make July and August in Virginia just a bit more tolerable.  All of the recipes are easy to make with minimal ingredients and very little time in the kitchen.  If you would like to learn more and taste some of these creations, stop by Vinosity for Mixology Basics this Friday night.  Cheers!

Rosé Tequila Sangria

This super fresh cocktail is at the top of my go-to list this summer and great for entertaining.

1 750 ml bottle dry Rosé, chilled

1 cup silver Tequila

2/3 cup simple syrup or to taste

1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice

1 ounce Wild Roots Apothecary Elderberry Lavender Botanical syrup

Splash of Spiked Lime Seltzer Water

2 cups fresh blueberries and peaches or any seasonal fruit

Combine rose, tequila, simple syrup, lime juice, Elderberry Lavender syrup and fruit in a large glass pitcher, refrigerate until chilled.   Pour over ice into a large wine glass, top with a splash of lime seltzer water.


In Italian, “sbagliato” means “mistaken.” So the story goes, a bartender was making a Negroni and grabbed sparkling wine instead of gin as he was making this cocktail. The result is a lighter and refreshing mistake.

1 ounce sweet Vermouth

1 ounce Campari

4 ounces dry sparkling wine such as Prosecco or Cava

Combine vermouth and Campari in an ice-filled rocks glass.  Top with sparkling wine, stir and garnish with a twist of blood orange.


Cider Royal

If you enjoy hard cider all by itself, then this may be your new favorite cocktail for Sunday Brunch.  The Virginia hard cider industry is booming and Foggy Ridge Cider is perfect for this Cider Royal.

1 bottle Foggy Ridge Stayman Winesap Cider

1/2 ounce Strawberry Shrub


Fresh Mint

Chill Champagne flutes in the freezer for 15 minutes.  Add fresh or frozen strawberries, add Strawberry Shrub and fill glass with Hard Cider.  Garnish with fresh mint.

White Port and Elderflower Tonic


When the thermometer approaches triple digits, it’s time to chill out and keep it simple.  This cocktail employs white port which is crisp and refreshing.

2 ounces white port

1/2 ounce Jack Rudy Elderflower

6 ounces sparkling water

Garnish of seasonal fruit

Combine all ingredients and serve in a tall glass over ice.  Garnish with seasonal fruit.




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