On one side of Boom Fitness at Braggs Corner in Culpeper County are women looking to get back into shape after a year of being stuck inside of COVID-19. On the other side, are a gaggle of young girls running and laughing it up during a musical theatre class.

For Karen Corron, owner, trainer and instructor at Boom Fitness, that’s a good sign and a great comeback. 

“We were out of space on [the old location at] West Culpeper Street,” she said, adding: “I was there for two years and then COVID hit, and it affected us big time.”

Now in a new location, Boom Fitness just had its third anniversary and Corron is celebrating as well.

“I wanted to find a different space, because we were getting kind of big at the time and then COVID hit. Then I found this spot [in the same strip as Nathan’s Famous Dogs ] … I saw this was for lease and thought this is a great location,” Corron said. “So, I just bit the bullet and said, ‘you know what, I’m just going to just try this place.’”

Now, Corron’s Boom Fitness studio has four rooms, including two for activities, one for child care and a real office — adding that her husband and daughters helped install all of the flooring.

“We’ve been here for a year and we’re doing good; the best you can do trying to recoup from COVID,” Corron said.

And now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in Virginia, Corron is making up for lost time for herself and others with a slew of fitness classes and boot camps — for both adult women and children.

“It’s mostly a women’s gym. We offer group fitness classes, like Kettle Bell, kickboxing, beach body classes,” Corron noted. “For kids, we offer dance, we offer gymnastics — that’ll start in August. We’re excited about introducing that Aug. 1.

“We offer a lot. Mostly fitness (for adults) and stuff for kids,” she said. “We do boot camps here as well; that’s pretty popular, actually.

Classes for kids range from hip-hop and jazz dance, to “Mommy and Me” classes, musical theatre, acrobatic classes, ballet and tap, tumbling, gymnastics and cheer.

Fitness classes take place during the morning and throughout the evening for women, and Boom Fitness is always hosting six-week boot camps. “I have about 40 women signed up for that,” Corron said. “It’s a six-week program and it’s wonderful.”

In addition to being a wife and mom, Corron is a certified instructor in many areas, including personal training and group fitness, strength, resistance and kickboxing — just to name a few.

“I played basketball in high school, and then as you get older, things change,” she said. “I had kids, so I started working out more. I started out being the student for kickboxing, and then my trainer was like, ‘Why don’t you become a group fitness instructor?’”

That was about seven years ago.

“I started and I love it,” Corron said. “In this industry, you’re not here to make money. You’re here because of your passion and your loving what you do and seeing people succeed.

“My biggest thing is, if I see somebody overcome something here, lift up one of those heavy bars and see them put them over their head for the first time and they’ve been trying forever, I’m like, ‘OK, my day is done,’” she said. “Their success is my success.”

Boom Fitness is open six days a week (it’s closed on Sundays) and offers 14 to 16 group classes a week. “As a member, you can come to every single one if you want to,” Corron said.

“I’m hoping that when school starts, the moms will be knocking the doors down here, ready to let off that stress of having the kids home with them for a year,” she said, adding: “We offer childcare while the moms are working out, too. They can come and work out, and because of COVID, it’s free. Childcare is free.”

For more information about Boom Fitness and its programs, visit www.boomfitnessstudio.com or follow it on Facebook and Instagram. Boom Fitness is also available at boom.fitness.culpeper@gmail or by calling (703) 856-3655.

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