Some of these red dots, which represent the 4,000-plus county addresses without reliable internet connections, can be removed as about 500 homes in the northeastern portion of Culpeper can purchase internet as All Points Broadband works to bring services to every unserved location.

Some Culpeper residents are beginning to see the fruits of efforts to bring internet to thousands of unserved locations in the county. Of the county's 4,300 unserved locations, 500 homes in northeastern Culpeper can now purchase internet services as the All Points Broadband company has begun installing a fiber network.

All Points Broadband is continuing work to install a 500-mile network that will reach every unserved location. Supervisor Jack Frazier said he would like to see All Points’ network also offered to locations currently with internet access, as some residents may not be happy with their current services. While that may be possible in the future, Jimmy Carr of All Points responded that the company’s present goal is to serve homes without access.

Carr explained that mailers are being sent to residents where these new services are available. Additionally, residents can visit to learn if the new connections reach their locations and for updates on the project.

To complete the project in a single phase, Carr explained that ensuring a strong relationship with the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative is key. He noted that building a 500-mile fiber-to-home network in a rural county while working with two utility companies - REC and Dominion Power - is a hard undertaking.

Another key factor in completing the project in one phase, Carr said, is securing Virginia Telecommunication Initiative grant funding.

As All Points Broadband continues designing the 500-mile network, Carr said the company is also working with the utility companies to modify and refine the plans before submitting them to the State Corporation Commission for approval.

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