There are times when you start thinking about things you have seen or read and question what those things


Recently, I have had a few of those fleeting and random thoughts.


I promised the Yard Sale Queen, my sweetie and significant other, that I would steer clear of the chaotic political climate in Virginia. Suffice it to say that all that political upheaval is disconcerting and gross understatement.


However, there was one bill working its way through the General Assembly that caught my attention. It is really a case of political correctness gone awry.


Let me start by explaining that I wear hearing aids. My hearing is so bad that people had to repeat themselves, sometimes they still do, and I will explain that in a minute. I was told the TV was too loud. Sometimes I heard nothing at all, depending upon the sound. Hearing aids allow you to hear better that which you already hear but can’t recover what hearing has been lost.


The General Assembly is voting to change the state code to eliminate the term “hearing-impaired.”  The bill would also change the name of the Hearing Impairment Identification and Monitoring System to the Hearing Loss Identification and Monitoring System.


Virginia is not alone, according to a recent article published in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. Four other states have done the same thing.


Here’s the deal. Some people who don’t hear well would rather be referred to as having a hearing loss, deaf or hard of hearing. I really am at a loss why I can’t be referred to as hearing impaired.


I remember seeing the message on TV: “The following program is closed captioned for the hearing impaired.”


I looked up the definition of “impaired,” which talks about a weakened state, diminished function and even gives examples of how it can be used, talking about visually impaired, impaired mobility and impaired driving while being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Maybe the General Assembly will look into writing legislation to clarify those with vision problems as being hard of seeing or delete the word blind to read vision loss.


Don’t get me wrong, being visually or hearing limited isn’t something that any of us want. But political correctness has really taken over.


When people come to the house and see the closed captioning on my TV, I jokingly tell them, “I am closed captioned for the hearing impaired.”


I may be one of the few who isn’t offended to be classified as hearing impaired, but it is a fact.


Surely the General Assembly has more important things to consider, like adjusting the commonwealth’s tax code to coincide with the recent federal changes regarding deductions and such. Maybe not.


Shifting gears. As many readers know I am a die-hard University of Virginia sports fans. The Yard Sale Queen and I have season tickets for football, women’s soccer and men’s and women’s basketball.


We attended a recent women’s game – the team isn’t doing very well this year. The first-year coach has an overall losing record as well as a losing record in the ACC.


A comment she made at a press conference following a 52-42 loss to Wake Forest made my head swivel like Linda Blair’s in the movie “The Exorcist.”


“Well, I have to say that this game looks different if we make shots,” she said, with a straight face.


Say what? Of course, if you make shots and score more points than your opponent the game will look different.


Which brings me to comments made by men’s head coach Tony Bennett following the embarrassing 74-54 loss by his number 1 ranked Hoos and number 1 seed in last year’s NCAA Tournament to number 16 seed UMBC.


“We got our butts whipped, that was not even close,” said Bennett, making no excuses.

“But we got thoroughly outplayed, did not play well…I don’t know what to say, but that was a thorough butt-whippin’.”


Just a few random thoughts from someone whose hearing has gone a bit south.



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