In 2015, I purchased a red Chevy Trax for the Yard Sale Queen after she whined about the red one I had purchased for me. 

She liked the fire engine red one I had bought and wanted one just like it. The wailing, crying and begging was overloading my hearing aids, even with the batteries taken out. It was a performance worthy of an Academy Award.

So being the kind, warm and caring human being that I am, and wanting to keep my Queen happy, we bought a red Trax for her. The only problem is the red color was not the same bright red as mine. It was quite a bit deeper red, almost a burgundy. 

Now, don’t get me wrong it was pretty, and the Yard Sale Queen has affection for red cars of any shade.

Then she started saying she wanted to trade cars so that she could have the fire engine Trax. With the thought dancing in my aged head to do ANYTHING to keep the Queen happy, I caved in and agreed to the trade.

And then guess what? She didn’t want to trade after all. She was exerting her feminine side of shifting wishes.

Instead, she kept it and had me buy sporty chrome wheels for Christmas for her Trax. At least she was happy – temporarily.

Now all this background brings us to the present – four years later.

In late June, I thought it would be nice to buy her a new set of wheels. After all, she IS the Yard Sale Queen. She can at times become a Drama Queen. Just kidding, honey. Wink.

So we went car shopping. Now the way she will tell the story that it was ALL my idea to get her a new car. Who you gonna believe me or the Yard Sale Queen?

We went to a Chevy dealer, who told us they couldn’t sell many of the Traxes on the lot because there was a recall on the control arm of many of the vehicles on the lot. I don’t know what a control is or does, but it sounded serious.

So, we went to an out of town Ford dealer and looked at several small SUVs. We even got a price on one that the Yard Sale Queen drove and liked. One small problem. The dealer must have been using new math or fuzzy math, along with a lot of pricing tomfoolery that made absolutely no sense to me. 

It reminded me of a decision to be made on the TV show Deal or No Deal. I felt like I was dealing with shady used car salesman, I meant shady pre-owned car salesman. It was no deal!

So back we went to the Chevy dealership. While strolling through the lot, the Yard Sale Queen spotted a color that she really liked. Suddenly, blue was the new red. She admits she has never owned a blue car, but she liked this shade of blue. It wasn’t navy blue or the electric blue. It was called Pacific Blue. However, she wondered what it would look like on a Trax instead of a small four-door car.

We found a Pacific Blue Trax in Fredericksburg. She liked it, a lot. Problem solved, sort of.

We searched the internet for a Pacific Blue Trax. I insisted that the car had blindside sensors and she demanded, and rightfully so, a rear camera, parking assist and remote start. 

We located one in Hampton that had a snazzy gray interior as well. We wangled a deal and got the dealership to transfer her sporty chrome wheels to the new car. It was pretty. I mean really pretty. 

The Yard Sale Queen was happy and if she is happy I am ecstatic.

The car looked so pretty that I began to whine, cry, moan, whimper and generally acting like a man.

Secretly, I found a Pacific Blue Trax with a lovely tan interior, just like my red one had. Deal!

So now, the red-loving SUV owners drive blue ones.

I admit. We Blue It.

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