CCHS student athletes


Culpeper County High School honored its student athletes recently for their continued academic success.

CCHS hosted an ice cream sundae party Sept. 6 for student athletes that received their letter from last season and those that made the honor roll. 

CCHS principal Danny Soderholm said that in talking with the students, it was expressed they would rather have an ice cream social event than an awards assembly. He said listening to the new generation of students is one of the keys when it comes to encouraging “the big A (academics).”

“It’s what we do, everything we do in our school is focused on encouraging our students to be high achievers,” Soderholm said.

Soderholm and a group of volunteers served ice cream and chatted with students while they lined up to pile toppings on their sundaes. 

“We still recognize them with the certificates and academic letters and that pays homage to traditional academic celebrations,” Soderholm said. “In working with today’s youth it’s about inspiring and reaching them.”

Soderholm said it’s important to have an open line of communication with his student body. 

“Nothing can replace face-to-face communication,” Soderholm said. “It’s important for us to listen to them to see how we as a school and a community can get better every day.”

Senior Justin Aggrey, a track star for CCHS, joked with friends while waiting in line. He appreciated that his school recognizes the effort the student athletes put into their work. 

“Being a student athlete and balancing grades is a pretty big deal,” Aggrey said. “It’s a good reflection on the school and on yourself as a person.”

Aggrey also plays club soccer and had perfect attendance last year at CCHS. How does he balance it all?

“I try to get all of my school work done first at school, then I’ll go to my after school event,” Aggrey said. “If not, I’ll stay up late and get it done.”

At a nearby table, field hockey standout Nicole Polome, soccer player Eva Gibbons and lacrosse player Lauren Light laughed with friends as they had their picture taken.

Light said it’s important to acknowledge the hard work the student athletes put in and reward them for their time management.

“It can be stressful and it’s not too bad if you manage your time right,” Light said. 


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