High speed chase

Yusuf Stallings, of Richmond, is being held at Culpeper County Jail without bond after a high speed chase Saturday. 

A Richmond man was arrested and held without bond by Culpeper County Sheriff's deputies following a high-speed chase Saturday.

Sergeant Shawn Walters made a traffic stop January 5th at approximately 9 p.m. on Germanna Highway near Carrico Mills Road for a speeding violation of 78mph in a 55mph zone. The driver of the vehicle could not provide any form of identification and gave several different names and conflicting information. Dispatchers alerted Walters that the license plates were stolen while backup deputies were responding.

The driver handed Walters a piece of paper from a Virginia inspection that had a VIN  (Vehicle ID #). Walters returned to his vehicle to check the number and the VIN was identified as a stolen vehicle. As backup deputies were arriving, Walters began giving commands for the driver to step out of the vehicle.

The driver fled East on Rte. 3 at high speed, reaching a top speed of 132 miles per hour. After crossing into Orange County the driver attempted a high-speed right turn onto Flat Run Road and lost control. The car crashed into a wooded area and the driver fled on foot. Sheriff K-9 handler Jonathon Kerns and his dog “Karma” tracked the suspect through woods and behind a church to where the suspect was hiding in an abandoned school bus. The suspect refused commands and was removed from the bus by K-9 Karma while repeatedly kicking the canine in the head and still trying to flee from deputies. The suspect still refused to give a name and was treated at the hospital for minor injuries under the name “John Doe.”

A search of the vehicle revealed two additional sets of stolen license plates and legal paperwork with the name “Yusuf Stallings” of Richmond, Va.

Hours later at the magistrate’s office, the suspect admitted his name was Yusuf Stallings, who was wanted on outstanding charges in Richmond.

Stallings was charged with Felonious Assault of a Law Enforcement Officer, Felony Eluding Police, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Driving on a Revoked License, False ID to Law Enforcement, and Speeding. Stallings was held without bond in Culpeper County Jail.

"I would like to say thank you for the assistance of the Orange County Sheriff Deputies, Lake of the Woods Fire and Rescue, and Virginia State Police units who helped with the crash scene and transport of the suspect. We really appreciate your quick response," said Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins  “Deputies were not injured and K-9 Karma did not require medical attention. The Felony Assault of LEO charge was the result of Karma being repeatedly kicked by Stallings. Our dogs work and train hard everyday for these situations and when they’re assaulted by criminals it’s like striking any other deputy. Great work again by our K-9 units!”

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