cutest couple

Charline and Colton Drumheller 

Colton and Charline Drumheller met at the bar in Grass Rootes. He is a tattoo artist, she wanted a tattoo, and they hit it off. Now, they are married and serve as the two chefs at the very restaurant in which they met.

Recently, they were named Culpeper’s 2021 Cutest Couple in a contest sponsored by Wellspring Health Services. About five years after meeting in Grass Rootes, the couple now spends nearly every minute together as they work alongside each other in the kitchen.

“You definitely have to love someone to be around them this much,” Colton said. “It’s not normal. Most people get up, say goodbye, go to work for eight hours and see each other at the end of the day. We get up, get ready and walk out of the door together.”

Shannon Barham, Colton’s mother, said she nominated them as the cutest couple because of their efforts in conjunction with Grass Rootes owner Andrew Ferlazzo to feed those in need amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“When restaurants had to close, they weren’t pleased with it but they went to work for the community and made sure people had food,” Barham said.

Even though the restaurant was initially closed at the onset of the pandemic, the Drumhellers continued doing what they always do: cook. The food went to healthcare workers, the S.A.F.E. non-profit organization, government facilities and some of those who remained working downtown.

“They didn’t feel sorry for themselves, they came together and tried to help the community,” Barham said. “They have good hearts and genuinely want to give back to the community.”

The Drumhellers did not think twice about the decision to help out, as Charline said “we don’t have a lot, but we can cook - that’s the one thing we have to give back.”

“We were just trying to give back to the community...It was tough times for everybody, we didn’t do it for any recognition,” Colton said.

While the efforts to give back were initiated last March, the Drumhellers and Grass Rootes continue donating food every few weekends to a variety of organizations.

“Whenever people are hungry, we feed them,” Charline said.

The couple noted that they are not alone, however, and there are plenty of businesses and individuals who have exhibited goodwill during the recent tough times.

As a reward for winning the competition, Wellspring Health Services Executive Director Cassandra Boone presented the couple with a gift basket worth over $250.

“Colt and Charline are gems of Culpeper and very deserving of this accolade,” a Wellspring Health Services news release states.

For those who want to taste Culpeper’s Cutest Couple’s culinary creations, Grass Rootes - which serves casual, fine dining American cuisine and constantly changing specials - is located at 195 E. Davis St.

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