Mother’s Day is just around the corner and sometimes finding that perfect gift can be a bit stressful. Nothing too utilitarian, yet it has to be useful in a fun way and something she wouldn’t necessarily get for herself. Wait, I know! The gift of wine can satisfy all those things. It’s a great reward when she finishes a mundane task; it’s certainly fun, entertaining and who doesn’t like to be treated to a great bottle! There are a number of choices to explore for both whites and reds and a wine to match every personality.

For the classy sassy mom Chenin Blanc is a beautiful example of a lighter spring white. It is grown mainly in California, South Africa and most notably in the cool climate of France’s Loire Valley. The appellations within the Loire Valley producing Chenin Blanc are Vouvray, Savennières, Anjou and Saumur. The wines from these regions are considered to be some of the best examples of Chenin Blanc. Depending upon the area, they run the full range of dry to sweet. They possess lively acidity, floral aromas and subtle apple and honeydew melon flavors.

For the adventurous spirit Torrontes is off the beaten path. While it’s the most widely planted white grape of Argentina, it still isn’t well known outside of the country. It has a unique personality with a gorgeous floral nose, followed by tropical fruit flavors. Upfront the aromatics imply sweet, but Torrontes is typically bone dry, refreshing and crisp. The added bonus, since Torrontes is still fairly new on the scene, the prices are very reasonable.

Is she always full of surprises? Pinot Gris is a fascinating varietal whose flavors can vary greatly. It depends on the region in which it was grown and produced. Pinot Gris is synonymous with Pinot Grigio from Italy. In France the word “Gris” means “Grey” accounting for the color which varies from a light grey to an almost pink hue. The Pinot Gris from France tends to be a bit more floral and honeyed than Pinot Grigio from Italy, which exhibits more lemon and lime zest. Oregon is another terrific region for Pinot Gris. There the wines have lovely floral aromatics with creamy pear, mineral and bright tangerine flavors.

A dry Rosé is perfect for the footloose and fancy free mom. Produced all over the world, but probably most notably in Provence, Rosé is the perfect partner when anything can happen and probably will. Typically these wines are lean, dry and yet fruity with aromas and flavors of rose petals, strawberries and watermelon combined with bright acidity.

A down-to-earth kinda mom is a good candidate for a spectacular bottle of Pinot Noir. Earthy is a term used to describe wines with – you guessed it, earthy characteristics. Things like mushrooms, wet stone, forest floor, etc. Many Pinot Noirs offer up these types of expressions all while providing plenty of fruit, it just isn’t front and center. Should you decide to cook for Mother’s Day too, a wild mushroom and spring asparagus risotto is a fantastic pairing.

Need more? Stop by the shop for a range of options. Cheers and Happy Mother’s Day!

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