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Dr. Kim Lephart, owner of the Community-STARS businesses that serves children with disabilities, poses with the Best Small Business of the Year plaque given by the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce during its annual Meeting and Awards Program. 


Community-STARs helps children with disabilities become everything that they can be. For that important work, the company was recently honored as the Best Small Business of the Year during the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce’s annual Meeting and Awards Program.

A full-service pediatric therapy clinic, Community-STARs specializes in serving children with disabilities and provides physical, occupational and speech therapy. Community-STARs owner Dr. Kim Lephart explained the company works with children who are developmentally delayed, have Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and genetic disorders.

“We are trying to help them become everything that they can possibly be,” she said

A Community-STARs news release explains that the company focuses on three factors: a child’s strengths, the goals they find important and putting the “fun” into functional.

“By meeting a child where they are in their journey and building on their strengths, C-STARs is making everyday differences in the lives of children in our community, one child at a time,” the release states.

Lephart was thrilled to receive the award and explained that “we are building a small community for our children with disabilities here and this is just an acknowledgement that we are continuing to build community for our children.” She added that the company is honored to receive an award that recognizes growth, innovation, integrity, customer service, community engagement, volunteerism and workforce development.

“For us, the Best Small Business of the Year award acknowledges the dedication, commitment and hard work of the C-STARs team on behalf of our community. To the C-STARs team, I say, ‘thank you’ and with them I share in this award,” Lephart said.

In a year that has presented plenty of challenges, Community-STARs was able to keep its entire staff, with some working at decreased hours, by offering telehealth services amid the pandemic.

“As other clinics were furloughing their staff, C-STARs viewed this as an opportunity to hire experienced therapists. Subsequently, C-STARs has doubled their staff since February 2020,” the release says.

With coronavirus precautions implemented, Community-STARs continues working with clients both in-person and through telehealth services.

Community-STARs is located in Culpeper and and also serves Madison, Greene, Orange, Charlottesville, Rappahannock and Fauquier. For more information visit everyday-stars.com

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