Catalpa District

6/1: Espino, Alexander Amado and Wife to Dehart, Steven S and Wife; 5 acres located at 4087 Waterford RD, $528,800

6/1: Brown, Dennis F to German, Christopher James; 10.52 acres located at 11471 Baederwood LN, $446,000

6/2: Turner, Demetric M to Yates, Lisa; .79 acres located at 10119 Jameson LN, $279,900

6/7: Pitorri, Anthony T to Bradshaw, Charles Malcolm Jr and Wife; 3.54 acres located at 13441 Dachshund RUN, $517,000

6/9: Stanley, Ashlee Nicole and Husband to Pitman, Cody Benjamin and Other; 2.05 acres located at 10137 River Front LN, $415,000

6/15: Scogin, Christina to Trigon Homes LLC; 1.75 acres located near Turner LN, $85,000

6/15: Lathe, Donna J and Others to MD Russell Construction INC; 13 acres located near Perry’s Mountain LN, $305,000

6/16: Clarity Homes LLC to Thibodeaux, Austin K and Other; 1.15 acres located at 14497 Woodland Church RD, $348,000

6/22: Brown, Eliza J and Others to Codrick, Thomas and Wife; 3.40 acres located near Bunker Ridge DR, $90,000

6/28: Thompson, Mary Anna to Korich, Frederick M and Wife; 3 acres located at 13374 Chestnut Fork RD, $365,000

6/30: Perkins, Timothy A and Wife to Bredehoft, Brent B and Other; 10.03 acres located near Bear Ridge RD, $84,900


Catalpa Town District

6/10: Jenkins, George C and Wife to Miller, Forrest E and Other; .15 acres located at 1634 Addie Ln, $299,900


Cedar MTN District

6/3: Rayyan, Susan F and Others to Arnold, Joseph Nelson and Other; 10.87 acres located near Wedgewood LN, $121,900

6/7: Vroman, William L and Wife to Valencia, Rocio D Munoz and Other; 10.32 acres located at 19202 Sycamore LN, $342,000

6/9: Foster, Douglas William to Chambers, Robert S and Wife; 3.63 acres located near Wedgewood LN, $70,000

6/11: Shelton, Benson E and Wife to Sine, James Edward and Wife; 2.85 acres located near 20139 Buck Run CT, $440,000

6/15: Trigon Homes LLC to Sirico, Anthony Jr and Wife;2.05 acres located at 9313 Blackbird LOOP, $472,700.23 

6/21: Rayyan, Susan Foster to Prieto Duarte, Leopoldo and Wife; 2.55 acres located near Wedgewood LN, $65,000

6/21: Eisenstaedt, Richard M and Wife to Wall, Nathaniel A and Wife; .71 acres located at 18982 Equestrian LN, $617,000

6/22: Cruz-Caceres, Roque and Others to Seay, Charles and Wife; .13 acres located at 12308 Osprey LN, $450,000

6/24: Rosson, Richard B and Wife to Hook, Christopher S and Wife; 2.01 acres located at 7307 Crockett AVE, $335,000

6/25: Johnson, Dencil R and Wife to Saunders, Linda Lee and Wife; 1.84 acres located at 19231 Belle Clair RD, $490,000

6/25: Dodson, Sally Simms to Jenkins, Marvin Neal and Wife; 4.33 acres located at 9023 Kirtley TRL, $100,000

6/29: Baker, Kevin O & Baker, Kellie M to Williams, Michael Scott and Wife; 1.2 acres located at 19402 White Pine LN, $610,000

6/30: Adair, Daniel Thomas and Wife to Amaya, Melvin A; 2.77 acres located at 18312 S Merrimac RD, $450,000

6/30: Quinn, Llyod A to Turcios, Oman Rene Guevara; 2.2 acres located at 19255 Old Orange RD, $365,000


Cedar MTN Town District

6/2: Tolson, Edmund F to NOVA Group LLC; 1.5 acres located at 771 Madison RD, $755,000

6/7: Button, Shannon to Fay, Gary and Other; Townhouse located at 852 Ripplebrook DR, $252,500

6/9: Ross, Thomas W Jr to Poole, Austin S. G. and Wife; Multiple parcels located near Elizabeth ST, $212,500

6/25: Stuart, Brian E to Nkeutchatang, Flavien; Townhouse located at 620 Bridlewood DR, $250,000

6/28: Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Vegas, Ana Marilu Reyes; .39 acres located at 2318 Orange RD, $355,000

6/28: Fincham, Jeffrey A and Wife to Peck, Emmaline Rose and Other; .19 acres located at 756 Ripplebrook DR, $299,900

6/29: Bertone, Michael S and Wife to Wilks, Sarah and Husband; Townhouse located at 832 Ripplebrook DR, $216,000


East Fairfax District

6/1: Yeaman, J Robert III to Vantage Place LLC; Multiple parcels located near Vantage PL, $1,760,000

6/3: Baise, Corey T to Dang, Han; .19 acres located at 2301 Blue Spruce DR, $430,000

6/10: Culpeper Commons LP to Sreit Culpeper Commons LLC; 16.58 acres located at 1301 Spring Meadow LN, $18,377,000

6/11: O’Neill, Ryan P and Wife to Martinez, Roberto M and Wife; .12 acres located at 406 Clay ST, $311,500

6/11: Baughman, Roxanne Y to Smith, Sherelle Jontae; Townhouse located at 2042 Cranberry LN, $311,000

6/11: Escudero, Gustavo R and Other to Zuniga Ramirez, Alma Y; .23 acres located at 1851 Birch DR, $220,000

6/15: D’Avilar, Courtney and Wife to Zimmerman, Travis Lee and Other; .58 acres located at 725 Electric AVE, $455,000

6/24: Church Street LLC to Headley, Joshua D and Wife; .38 acres located at 601 Old Brandy Rd, $450,000

6/24: C & H Real Estate Consulting LLC to Tapia Arellano, Daniel; Townhouse located at 1821 Picadilly Circus, $182,000

6/25: Fulton, Jennifer N to Chong, Carlos Alberto; Townhouse located at 628 Highview CT, $163,500

6/28: Kidwell, Kristin and Other to David, Edward Karoly; .19 acres located at 1833 Magnolia CIR, $487,250


Jefferson District

6/1: Barry, Paul F and Wife to Cavalier, Michael and Wife; 12.71 acres located at 5909 Nelson LN, $848,000

6/4: Brown, Ellen M to Nelson, Matthew and Wife; 1 acre located at 3026 Donnington CT, $564,900

6/9: Oliver, Deborah A to McGlothlin, Wesley W and Wife; 20 acres located at 15289 Runneymede WAY, $212,500

6/10: MD Russell Construction INC to Sirkin, David; 15.67 acres located near Walnut LN, $200,000

6/14: Kincheloe, William to Currence, Elena C; 2.72 acres located at 18252 Springs RD, $475,000

6/15: Old Salem Community Development LLC to Kushner, Gary L; 40 acres located near Sheads Mountain RD, $285,000 

6/17: Davis, Andrew Lyle to Bowling, Bryan D and Wife; 10.93 acres located at 16641 Oak Shade RD, $425,000

6/21: Ellett, James to Virginia Home Buyers LLC; 3.34 acres located at 8368 Rixeyville RD, $210,000

6/21: Caliber Homebuilder INC to Leach, Samuel V JR and Wife; 5 acres located at 6373 Silk RD, $530,570

6/21: Hutto, Bennie R JR and Wife to Drinkwater, Lucy and Husband; 2.44 acres located at 5408 Myers Mill RD, $500,000

6/23: Wills, John and Other to Minor, John Lee and Wife; 3.05 acres located near Lee HWY, $85,000

6/23: Caliber Homebuilder INC to Jones, Jason T and Other; 5.05 acres located at 6447 Silk RD, $504,310

6/25: Tice, Jeffrey M and Wife to Pierce, Olga K and Wife; 1.32 acres located at 2093 Somerset DR, $620,000

6/25: Ford, Joe William and Wife to Destiny Land USA LLC; 11.47 acres located near Lee HWY, $135,000

6/25: Destiny land USA LLC to Brose, Michael G; 11.47 acres located near Lee HWY, $145,000

6/28: Mantel, Scott and Wife to Royal, Austin and Other; 1 acre located at 3113 Somerset DR, $560,000

6/29: Ulf, Richard S to Rock Investments LLC; Multiple parcels located near Colvin RD, $460,000

6/30: Hitt, Floyd R JR and Wife to Tabor, Aron and Other; 3 acres located at 18628 Springs RD, $390,000

6/30: Terry, Marcus D and Wife to Campos, Ashley Victoria and Other; 1.11 acres located at 2214 Somerset DR, $540,000

6/30: Owens, Roland T and Wife to Makinenni, Ethann; 12 acres located at 12488 Walnut Creek LN, $799,000


Salem District

6/1: M Corbin LLC to CMH Homes INC; 3.03 acres located at 9518 Sperryville PIKE, $121,000

6/1: Payne, John Franklin and Wife to Berry, Jesse Lee and Wife; 1.93 acres located at 9361 Mountain Run Lake RD, $345,000

6/2: Powers, Charles Mark & Powers, Kathy S to Killian, Robert; 4.32 acres located at 13390 Reva RD, $291,000

6/3: Sonabank NA to Trigon Homes LLC; 2.67 acres located near Manchester DR, $70,205

6/3: Sonabank NA to Trigon Homes LLC; Multiple parcels located near Savannah LN, $420,000

6/3: Martin, Gregory C and Wife to Aragon, Ana R; 1.05 acres located at 16570 Mountain Run LN, $325,000

6/7: Hjelmeland, Michelle to Ryan, Colvin Gregg; 5.13 acres located at 13217 Major Brown DR, $335,000

6/7: Stickbow LLC to NVR INC; Multiple Parcels located near North Ridge BLVD, $660,000

6/8: Haluko, Dennis C and Wife to Vangelova, Luba; Multiple parcels located near Three Oak LN, $220,000

6/11: C & S Rentals LLC to Rosales, Neri Gustavo Lemus and Other; 2.3 acres located at 7252 James Monroe HWY, $375,000

6/14: Coffey, Patrick N and Wife to Stein, Ambermarie K; 5 acres located at 4010 Cabin RD, $579,900

6/15: Fox, Samuel L and Other to Coffey, Patrick N and Wife; 110.12 acres located at 15456 La Grange LN, $1,070,000

6/15: Jenkins, Michael R and Other to Funk, David Brian and Wife; 3 acres located near Scotts Mill RD, $55,000

6/17: Harward, Kenneth E to Vaughn, Frances Louise; 4.03 acres located near Intervale RD, $100,000

6/21: Mills, Wyatt A JR and Other to Crabtree, Christopher G and Wife; 5.1 acres located at 6710 James Monroe HWY, $450,000

6/21: Baker, Sheila Fay to Jenkins, Michael Lee and Wife; 2.82 acres located at 8409 Sperryville PIKE, $290,000

6/23: Benhoff, David Alan and Wife to Lewis, James P; Multiple parcels located near Riversong WAY, $460,500

6/24: Ooten, William C and Wife to Pritts, Robert and Wife; .78 acres located at 10378 Mountain Run Lake RD, $390,000

6/28: Gordon, Steven C to Hobbs, Matthew T; 2.04 acres located at 10325 Mountain Run Lake RD, $358,000

6/29: Leavell, Stuart W JR to Hained, Melissa K; .93 acres located at 7129 Oak DR, $268,000

6/29: Bache, Travis C to McDonnell, Tomas R; 1.15 acres located at 17400 Hudson Mill RD, $230,000

6/30: Evergreen Investment Properties LLC to Snyder, Brian Robert and Wife; 7161 Sperryville PIKE, $729,000


Stevensburg District

6/1: Brown, Millard T III to Eleonu, Gloria Gyamfua and Other; 6 acres located near Maddens Tavern RD, $21,000

6/1: Brown, Millard T III to Eleonu, Gloria Gyamfua and Other; 10.63 acres located at 23512 Maddens Tavern RD, $715,000

6/2: Mahmood, Muhammad and Wife to Delao, Eris Obdullo and Other; .90 acres located at 15073 Germanna HWY, $285,000

6/2: Hughes, Ronald S to Yarush, Kyle; 4.66 acres located at 11818 Mt Zion Church RD, $435,000

6/3: Myers, Randall and Wife to Pritchett, Christopher and Wife; 5 acres located at 20484 Bre Z Way LN, $330,000

6/4: Mcleod, Barbara P to Hunt, Jason and Wife; 7 acres located at 26334 MorrisLN, $399,000

6/7: Berry, Krystle and Other to Franklin, Ryan O’Neil and Wife; .46 acres located at 14505 Kingsmill WAY, $550,000

6/10: Green, Landon and Wife to Ring, James Gregg and Wife; .43 acres located at 18201 Brandy Rd, $260,000

6/11: Snyder, Judith A and Other to Reid, Mark and Wife; 15 acres located at 31591 Eleys Ford RD, $874,000

6/14: Destiny land USA to Wade, Patrick Michael; 6.49 acres located near Ellis RD, $64,997

6/15: Talley, Sharon L to Trigon Homes LLC; 6.04 acres located near Old Holly LN, $80,000

6/16: Ripple Effects LLC to Kusuma, Sreedhari and Wife; 5.08 acres located near Blackjack RD, $95,000

6/17: Leading Edge Res INC to Baxter, Andrew W and Wife; 6 acres located at 28385 Eleys Ford RD, $481,000

6/17: Rockwood Homes INC to Clarke, Andrew M; 5 acres located at 21270 Walkers LN, $375,765

6/21: Highland Path LLC to Gimbel, Christina Mills and Other; Multiple parcels located near North highlands PATH, $1,800,000

6/21: Grant, Steven E and Other to Norvant LLC; 9.33 acres located at 19357 York RD, $160,000

6/22: Duran, Angel Andres and Other to Miranda Rocha, Moises and Other; .45 acres located at 14616 Manorwood DR, $449,900

6/23: Smith, Dianne Myers and Others to Holmes, Joseph Alton Jr and Wife; 28.88 acres located near Milam Ridge RD, $215,000

6/23: Amaya, Melvin to Bailey, Joshua and Wife; .57 acres located at 18223 Brandy RD, $273,000

6/23: Coggin, Randy and Other to Scarola, Angelo John and Wife; .54 acres located at 14509 Kingsmill WAY, $485,000

6/24: Coleman, Gregory and Other to Park, Hun Wook; .69 acres located at 15023 North Ridge BLVD, $450,000

6/25: Montest, Gregory M and Other to Linser, Sean P and Wife; .80 acres located at 15025 North Ridge BLVD, $510,000

6/29: Jenkins, Jeniffer and Others to Wilmic LLC; 10.39 acres located at 11348 Grey Fox LN, $230,000

6/30: Quail Haven Farm LLC to Potter, Nicholas Herb; 29.55 acres located at 15393 Kellys Ford RD, $350,000


West Fairfax District

6/1: Dang, Han and Other to Spoden, Daniel and Wife; .45 acres located at 440 Kearns DR, $420,000

6/2: Gilpin, Craig C and Wife to Zajkowski, Robert C and Wife; .27 acres located at 1108 Virginia AVE, $345,000

6/2: Medical Facilities of America XVI to 602 Madison Road LLC; Multiple parcels located near Madison RD, $11,155,500

6/3: Martinez, Alfonso to Banks, Sean Edward and Wife; .14 acres located at 1012 Riverdale CIR, $330,000

6/7: Taormina, Michael A and Other to Kowalik, Steven Martin and Wife; .15 acres located at 817 Fox Den RD, $432,800

6/17: Garrett, Christopher G and Wife to See, Elvira G; .29 acres located at 500 Windermere DR, $365,000

6/17: Ramirez, Fabian and Wife to Demarco, Diane and Other; Townhouse located at 1018 Longview, $282,000

6/25: Gile, Ann C to Turner, Deborah A; .15 acres located at 579 Hunters RD, $410,000

6/25: Jefferson Homebuilders INC to Gensimore, Barry L and Wife; .25 acres located at 2179 December CT, $540,305

6/29: Lakeview/Culpeper LLC to Pacheco, Eladio and Wife; .22 acres located at 711 Holly Crest DR, $365,000

6/30: Akers, Amos and Wife to Renderos Barahona, Luis E; .27 acres located at 581 Windermere DR, $450,000

6/30: Nolasco, Arturo E to Piercy, Chloe S; .34 acres located at 721 Sperryville PIKE, $365,000

6/30: Walton, Kevin L and Wife to Bland, Charles R and Wife; .18 acres located at 644 Pelhams Reach DR, $420,000

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