These property transfers for June 2020 were provided by the Culpeper County Assessor’s Office. Appreciation is extended to W. Jason Kilby and his staff. 

June Top Dollar Deal: Cedar Mountain District, $999,654. The printing of this list is made possible by ReMax Crossroads of Culpeper. Total: 98

Catalpa District

6/2: Frazier, Ronald K to McCallum, Roy T; 1.96 acres located at 12101 Ira Hoffman LN, $359,000

6/3: Martinak, Aaron J and Wife to Lilly, Sterling and Wife; 1.71 acres located at 14039 Scantlin Mountain RD, $344,000

6/9: Myers, Lewis Franklin and Wife to Ellis, R Tyndall and Other; 3.62 acres located near Monumental Mills RD, $29,500

6/12: Guthrie, Karen A and Other to Lohmann, Nicholas Taylor and Wife; 1.91 acres located at 13386 Bonnie CT, $295,000

6/12: Stump, Brian C JR and Wife to Groene, Alexandra C and Other; 1.03 acres located at 12154 Dogwood LN, $265,000

6/16: Busardo, John Arthur JR to Master Builders LLC; 12.2 acres located near Eggbornsville RD, $105,000

6/17: Stuart, Walter C SR and Other to Harlow, Cleveland M JR; 13.23 acres located near Indian Run RD, $150,000

6/18: Jefferson Homebuilders INC to Pifer, Lee Joseph and Wife; 10.1 acres located at 11400 Alvin LN, $451,794

6/19: Rowland, Anita G to Taylor, Ethan N and Wife; 2.29 acres located at 11700 Hazel River RD, $234,000

6/22: Jenkins, Michael R and Other to Christian Homebuilders INC; 3.00 acres located near Stonehouse Mtn RD, $82,000

6/23: Jameson, Charles C & Jameson, Lisa D and Others to Iglesia Pentecostal Bethel De Culpeper INC, 5.12 acres located at 12176 Currant LN, $140,000

6/24: Strange Investors LLC to Richerson, Samuel J and Other; 2.16 acres located at 4513 Waterford RD, $250,000

6/25: Santos, Mary J to Pentecost, Richard J JR; 1.57 acres located at 8215 Heather LN, $191,000

6/29: Country View Homes LLC to Sienkiewiez, Joshua T and Other; 3.00 acres located at 10514 Hart CT, $389,900

6/29: Mills, Burgess E III and Other to Perry, Christopher Greenway II and Wife; 3 acres located at 10601 River RD, $340,000

6/30: Duvall, Jeremiah L and Wife to Ault, John II; 5 acres located at 5194 Beach Ridge LN, $460,000


Catalpa Town District

6/3: Payne, Jerry L to Riverdale/Culpeper LLC; .79 acres located near N Main ST, $120,000


Cedar MTN District

6/5: Scott, Bonnie to Chauncey, William B and Wife; Multiple parcels located near Locust Dale RD, $80,000

6/11: Springfield LC to Frederick, William J; Multiple parcels located near Cedar Mountain DR, $175,000

6/15: Trinh, James Edward and Wife to Cole, Travis; .21 acres located at 12024 Live Oak DR, $367,500

6/18: Diettert, Tyler W to Ciske, Phillip; 3.73 acres located at 21109 Old Mill RD, $354,900

6/18: Webb, Kristina E to Danielsen, Kirsten; .14 acres located at 12106 Majestic PL, $328,000

6/23: Trigon Homes LLC to Monstrola, Gregory A and Wife; 1.57 acres located near Dove Hill RD, $75,000

6/24: Curtis, George W and Others to Cedar Mountain Stone Corporation; Multiple parcels located near Rapidan RD, $999,654

6/26: Fitch, Donald R to Progressive Communities LLC; 6.5 acres located at 12058 Mitchell RD, $173,000

6/29: Bush, Salem K to Wingard, Shane and Wife; 1 acre located at 19187 Sycamore LN, $289,000

6/30: Brown, Robert J and Wife to Schoenemann, Herman M III and Wife; 14.33 acres located at 9108 Kirtley TRL, $800,000

6/30: Brown, Robert J and Wife to Schoenemann, Herman M III and Wife; 1.57 acres located at 9106 Kirtley TRL, $200,000

6/30: Brown, Jeffrey D to Barrey, Michael AL and Wife; 1.31 acres located at 19306 S Merrimac RD, $300,000


Cedar MTN Town District

6/8: Barrett, Kamara C to Olaleke, Stella; .12 acres located at 128 King Edward CT, $310,000

6/30: Ristich, Christine L to Eggbornsville Properties LLC; Multiple parcels located at 129 Elizabeth ST, $165,000 


East Fairfax District

6/1: Duncan, Gregory and Wife to Mosqueda, Mario; .22 acres located at 2500 Post Oak DR, $310,000

6/1: Friedrichs, Thomas M and Wife to Harrak, Judy Ann; Townhouse located at 2046 Cotton Tail DR, $258,000

6/1: McCauley, Byron and Wife to Stevens, Amber Paige; .17 acres located at 2040 Crepe Myrtle LN, $299,999

6/11: Richmond American Homes of Virginia; .15 acres located at 2130 Chestnut DR, $326,700

6/17: Marshall, Randy and Wife to Ward, Griffin Ola; Townhouse located at 1831 Silver Star LN, $260,000

6/17: Federal National Mortgage Association to Simmonds, Bryce; .30 acres located at 624 Azalea ST, $190,975

6/24: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Longorio, Gary David and Wife; .15 acres located at 2168 Juniper DR, $331,179 

6/24: Via, Randall H to Moffett, Richard and Wife; .30 acres located at 2263 Crabapple CT, $360,000

6/25: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Hoffman, Jordan Ryan and Other; .15 acres located at 2176 Juniper DR, $341,631

6/26: Whitmer, Sherry Melissa to Shrestha, Sarina and Other; Townhouse located at 1970 Peachtree CT, $230,100

6/26: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Brantzeg, Frank Lawrence; .16 acres located at 2141 Cottonwood Ln, $327,791

6/29: Morgan, Kevin C and Wife to Maenza, Anthony and Wife; .57 acres located at 15405 Old House CT, $453,000

6/29: Munoz, Angel and Other to Flores Flores, Jose Juan; .24 acres located at 711 Kingsbrook RD, $389,000


Jefferson District

6/1: Long, Mark R and Wife to Quirin, James Daniel; 6.97 acres located at 15419 Covey CIR, $470,000

6/2: Gatti, Paula B and Husband to Funk, Jillian Mary and Husband; 1.17 acres located at 17232 Kent CT, $441,900

6/3: Scott, Gregory to Ross, Charles Frank and Wife; 1.19 acres located at 2325 Somerset DR, $478,500

6/3: Phillips, Charles Gene SR and Wife to Hudson, William; 1.49 acres located at 7274 Lakota RD, $339,000

6/4: Bennett, John C to Krughoff, Robert and Wife; 10.25 acres located near La Finca Hill LN, $125,490

6/4: Pardoe, Blaine L and Wife to Fitts, John Collins and Other; 1.76 acres located at 1551 Freeman DR, $489,900

6/8: Caudle, James Robert JR and Wife to Boyd, Lyle William and Wife; 4.57 acres located near Settle DR, $85,000

6/9: Stuart, Walter C and Wife to Semat, Kenneth D and Wife; 1.06 acres located at 3511 Stratford DR, $546,200

6/11: Phillips, Barbara E to Lorenzo, Lucia A; 2.45 acres located at 16378 Buckridge LN, $295,000

6/16: Pounding, Jeffrey to Borsi, David and Wife; 22.06 acres located at 15241 Ryland Chapel RD, $780,000

6/18: Kirpatrick, Stephen E to Randall, Anzanette Cylke; 1 acre located at 3216 Somerset DR, $529,900

6/22: Coyle, Matthew J and Wife to Rubenstein, Julie B; 2.11 acres located at 8460 Lakota RD, $250,000

6/23: Bresson, Duane A to Riley, Mark C and Wife; 1.02 acres located at 17291 Fairbourne DR, $430,000

6/24: Thompson, Brian and Other to Fisher, Eric and Wife; 1.05 acres located at 3384 Stratford DR, $500,000

6/25: XSTELE.COM LLC to Hudson, Gregroy and Other; 20.00 acres located near Black Hill RD, $150,000

6/29: Hanks, Jeffery S and Wife to Allan, Joseph Marion and Other; 1 acre located at 5275 Apple Blossom LN, $289,900

6/29: Geesaman, William R and Wife to Virginia Sell Now LLC; 5 acres located at 12243 Fox Glade LN, $250,000


Salem District

6/1: Kernaghan, John to Jarowey, Suzanne and Other; 8.7 acres located at 5243 Hoover RD, $306,000

6/1: Palleria, Janice L to Lattion, Christopher; 4.05 acres located at 7453 Terri LN, $324,000

6/2: Hash, Dale E and Wife to Waton, Ricardo and Wife; 4.71 acres located at 8014 Troiano DR, $390,000

6/2: Lane, Alan B and Other to Gibson, Grover L II and Wife 3.88 acres located at 7100 Griffinsburg RD, $380,000

6/3: Kincheloe, Joseph C to Cesario, Kody and Wife; .97 acres located at 9209 White Shop RD, $289,500

6/3: Dovel, Daniel F and Other to Starkie, Charles and Wife; 1.84 acres located at 16571 Mountain Run LN, $340,200

6/10: Frye, Arlene C to Anthony, Keith E; 1.48 acres located at 9445 Strother LN, $309,000

6/11: SONA INC to Roland, Dale A and Wife; 6.4 acres located at 10367 Greenstone LN, $506,425

6/11: Robinson, Timothy D to Mayo, Robert and Wife; 9 acres located near Rocks Edge RD, $81,000

6/15: Robinson, Randall and Wife to Manzer, Richard E and Wife; Multiple parcels located near Loch Haven LN, $930,000

6/15: Sonabank NA to Empson, Dennis J and Other; 2.06 acres located near Manchester DR, $70,000

6/17: Gatton, David E and Wife to Duback, Christian and Wife; 14.74 acres located at 8267 Old Stillhouse RD, $630,000 

6/18: Jaylou Properties LLC to Lakeview/Culpeper LLC; 1.65 acres located at 15247 Alther LN, $265,000 

6/19: Piedmont Red LLC to Baliles, Alexander Wilhelm; 2.02 acres located at 14794 Reva RD, $262,500

6/19: Brown, William J JR and Other to Sweeney, Shawn and Others; .94 acres located at 13338 Gray ST, $393,500

6/22: Sweeney, Shawn and Wife to Smith, Garrett H and Other; 1.88 acres located at 12188 Sperryville PIKE, $324,500

6/23: CTS Properties LLC to Vose, Michael G and Other; 4.22 acres located near Covington Home PL, $107,500

6/23: Thorpe, Roy B JR and Wife to Sheehan, Daniel P and Wife; 4.05 acres located at 16105 Linganore LN, $549,900

6/24: Dyson, Kevin to Stupak, Michael J; 5 acres located at 9446 Settlebrook LN, $355,000

6/24: Rigg, Ralph B and Wife to Smith, Donald Mark; 3.65 acres located at 14400 Stoney Run DR, $299,900

6/26: Betz, William E JR to Finch, Victor Edward JR and Wife; 40.91 acres located near Old Stillhouse RD, $200,000

6/26: Dwyer, Larry G and Wife to Cloud, Joseph Michael; 1.01 acres located at 16500 N Merrimac RD, $224,900

6/26: Lucas, Stephanie K and Others to Castiglia, Luigi and Wife; 7.74 acres located at 16401 Wayland RD, $380,000

6/26: Doyle, Larry E to Kincheloe, Joseph C; .62 acres located at 9383 Old Turnpike RD, $99,000

6/26: Johnson, Henry W III and Wife to Schreck, George and Wife; 8138 Tinsley PL, $372,500

6/29: Gaines, Lionell K to Orr, John William and Other; 8 acres located near Norman RD, $115,100

6/29: Angell, Zackary Dimitrios to Schulte, Aaron; 1.17 acres located at 17249 N Merrimac RD, $229,900

6/30: Daley, William E and Wife to Brunk, Dawn and Husband; 3.08 acres located at 14430 Whippoorwill LN, $499,000


Stevensburg District

6/8: Neal, Norman Clinton to Ramsey, Michael JR and Other; 10 acres located near Trotting TRL, $78,000

6/8: Leading Edge Res INC to Lundeen, Brandon Douglas; 10 acres located at 21283 Port Rapids RD, $394,000

6/12: Laws, Craig P and Wife to Beamer, Gary E JR and Wife; 1.4 acres located at 12395 Robin RD, $409,900

6/16: Steinebach, Kristopher E to Speck, Ryan W and Wife; 13.34 acres located near Richards Ferry RD, $90,000

6/19: Naw Properties LLC to Ortiz, Fredy S and Wife; 2.2 acres located at 15144 Carrico Mills RD, $40,000

6/19: Gallo, Phillip A and Other to Muney, Julie Lee; 15.96 acres located at Mt Zion Church RD, $156,000

6/22: Hoffman, Gregory W to Nobbs, Daniel Elijah and Wife; .66 acres located at 13203 Kerr PL, $521,000


West Fairfax District

6/1: SONA INC to Posey, Larry Allen JR and Wife; .30 acres located at 804 Keswick DR, $414,773

6/2: Culpeper Investments LLC to NVR INC; .39 acres located at 805 Keswick DR, $103,000

6/2: Amelias Home Construction LLC to Curtis, Dennis; .15 acres located at 222 W Culpeper ST, $341,000

6/10: NVR INC to Logan, William H and Other; .58 acres located at 908 Greengable CT, $439,140

6/12: NVR INC to Nowacki, Jamieson Neil and Other; 1.15 acres located at 833 Keswick DR, $525,540

6/15: Culpeper Investments LLC to NVR INC; .30 acres located at 141 Wayland Manor DR, $103,000

6/16: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Guerrero, Fredy O and Other; .17 acres located at 613 Hunters RD, $300,000

6/18: NVR INC to Callahan, Richard John and Others; .23 acres located at 889 Keswick DR, $394,295

6/22: Contreras, Danielle to Garvey, Kaitlyn M; .23 acres located at 168 Vaughn CT, $319,900

6/22: NVR INC to Patrick, Robert and Other; .25 acres located at 904 Greengable CT, $409,070

6/30: Gomez, Eddy Amilcar and Wife to Duncan, Alicia C and Husband; .35 acres located at 471 Kearns DR, $355,000

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