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In announcing her pending Dec. 31 resignation, Culpeper County School Board Chair Michelle North cited “the three Ps.”

“The pandemic, the politicization of the schools and personalities have now overshadowed the positive aspects and my ability to effectively serve the board,” she said during an Oct. 12 School Board meeting.

North, who has been on the board for seven years, was elected to her current term in Nov. 2017. She noted her recent hesitation of attending meetings in person while other board members physically attend has made remotely chairing meetings “difficult and frustrating to everyone involved.”

She said the decision “did not come easy.”

North added that her years serving on the school board have been “challenging, rewarding, intellectually stimulating and sometimes frustrating when financial or human resources were limited.”

“For seven years I’ve been privileged to represent my district and to speak with parents, guardians, grandparents teachers and staff as well as business and community leaders on relevant issues,” she said.

North added that she would be remiss not to recognize the central office’s “dedicated and talented staff.”

She asked that the board ensure that every Culpeper student is "inspired, empowered and educated to prepare them for success in their careers or in their pursuits at technical schools, community colleges or universities."

"It is my heartfelt desire that whoever is appointed to complete my term of office commits to educating themselves on the issues before them, participates with an open mind, recognizes and supports the diversity of our students and staff and always, always make decisions based on what is best for the students in Culpeper County Public Schools and not from a forced agenda," she said.


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Excellent! She sounds like a whiner. Enjoy life in your home by yourself where you can avoid contact with humans.

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