Culpeper County to consider halting funding for for entities imposing COVID-19 vaccine, testing mandates

The Culpeper County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will consider adopting a resolution to cease funding for non-governmental entities that impose COVID-19 vaccine or testing mandates.

"...The upcoming budget process is slated to begin in the next couple of months and the board seeks to reduce the administrative burden on staff regarding funding requests that are unlikely to succeed," the resolution reads.

If passed, the funding would cease in fiscal year 2023.

The move comes after Supervisor Tom Underwood posted his stance on vaccine mandates on social media on Sept. 19.

“As one member of the Board of Supervisors, I can assure you that Culpeper County will cease all support for and cooperation with Powell Wellness Center as of November 1 if they fire a single employee or cause an employee to resign over a vaccine mandate,” Underwood, who represents the Salem District, wrote on his personal Facebook page.

Underwood said on Sept. 20 he has had multiple constituents approach him about the potential of losing their jobs if they refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Underwood said the Nov. 1 deadline was one Powell set forth, and not him.

He continued he wasn’t specifically targeting Powell but included other employers such as the Virginia Department of Transportation.

According to Culpeper County Finance Director Valerie Lamb, the county does not and has not ever funded Powell Wellness Center.

The supervisors approved this year’s fiscal budget with funding for 34 non-governmental entities including Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services with $402,698 and Germanna Community College with $28,158.

President Biden’s Covid-19 Action Plan issued on Sept. 9, the resolution reads, violates both the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The supervisors, it continued, took an oath to support the constitution "and faithfully and impartially discharge all the duties incumbent upon them according to the best of their ability."

The resolution comes days after veteran Culpeper County sheriff's Capt. James Anthony "Tony" Sisk died from complications of COVID-19, which he acquired in the line of duty, according to the Officer Down Memorial website. It is unclear whether Sisk was vaccinated against the virus.

The board will consider the resolution's adoption at 10 a.m. in the Board of Supervisors' Meeting Room at 302 N. Main St., Culpeper.

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Joe Homas

The level of ignorance, selfishness and buffoonery displayed by the "Constitutional scholars" on this site complaining about loss of muh freedumb is staggering, but not unexpected.

No one is being held down and force-injected with a vaccine. Everyone working for an employer requiring vaccination is still given a CHOICE. If you choose not to get vaccinated and lose your current job, you can always fall back on the region’s employer-of-last-resort and sell firewood off your Ford 150 (or out of the trunk of your Monte Carlo).

Harry Morant

Just wait, if the Communists can't get you to bend to their will, they WILL start to hold you down and forcibly inject you. You know that is true Chairman Joey. Remember when Brain-dead Biden said there would be not vaccine mandates? Of course you don't, but he DID! If a DemonRAT is talking, he's lying!

Joe Homas

Harry - you've proven my point with your ignorance and buffoonery. Keep up the good work.

John Dutko

It's ok to be on the spectrum. Nothing wrong with trying to "fit in".

Kermit Robat

At this point everyone over the age of 18 who wants the vaccine can get two doses of Pfizer or Moderna and, if they're willing to mumble something about being immune compromised, can get a booster too. Individuals below the age of 18 are overwhelmingly not affected by covid any worse than the seasonal flu and children between the ages of 12-18 can get the vaccine anyway.

At this point, who is still worried about this and what will it take to settle your fears? No respiratory virus has ever been eliminated. Covid is going to be with us for the rest of our lives. What's your criteria for getting back to normal? And how did you decide upon that?

John Dutko

There will be no getting back to normal.

People have shown their hand and have to deal with the fallout.

Kermit Robat

@John Dutko

I’m having a hard time making sense of the seemingly bizarre comment.

“People have shown their hand and have to deal with the fallout.”

Is that Latin for “No sane adult still worries about catching covid”?

John Dutko

No, it's Aramaic for "F around and find out"

Robert Segall

Anyone who works in healthcare and doesn't receive a vaccine dose should be fired immediately. They clearly aren't intelligent enough to be in that field.

Ronnie Lee

So now you make decisions about my healthcare . The so called vaccine does not stop you from getting COVID so why do you care about my decisions about what is put in my body . If you feel you should get the shot by all means get it, but please sir make decisions about yourself not others . That is why we live in a free country and have this thing called the CONSTITUTION . You know that paper that ALL of the lawmakers and some Americans seem to have forgot about . , so we can have free speech and choice , You do you and I will do me . Love you guy without all of the argument

John Dutko


Here is the American Bar association take:

This is a nation of LAWS derived from the CONSTITUTION. The CONSTITUTION is only FOUR pages long and is on display at the National Archives.

Quit your bullsh!t.

And for the record, your healthcare is determined by corporations who see you as a risk to their bottom line. HA!... you think you have freedom.

Kermit Robat

@John Dutko

Good evening, Buddy!

Two quick takes from your post. (1) Opinions published by the ABA on the ABA website are not legally binding. It may in fact represent a correct interpretation of the law, or not, but that is up to a court to decide. (2) I can only speak for myself, but corporations do not determine my healthcare. Ok, maybe they influence as I do have employer sponsored health insurance which covers an admittedly large portion of my healthcare expenses. But I also pay out of pocket for procedures and a level of coverage not included under the insurance. I don't believe I'm alone in thinking that I need to limit my healthcare to those things some bean counter previously approved.

Anyway, I'll confess to being a huge fan of individual liberty. Count me as a fan of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Kermit Robat thinking I **don't** need to limit

Ronnie Lee

we lose more freedom everyday , it's getting bad

John Dutko


The opinion of the American Bar Association, the certifier of those who practice the legal profession since 1878, holds considerable weight. All of the links embedded within the opinion piece are established law.

Which laws and Supreme Court decisions are you trying to argue against?

And as for healthcare, those that want to remain unvaccinated will be getting a higher premium and/or having to pay a higher bill:

This part sticks out:

"Motivated by high profits, ACA medical loss ratio rebate requirements, public health concerns about managing the pandemic, and concern over a federal mandate to cover COVID-19 treatment costs, many insurers offered financial relief to their enrollees amid the coronavirus pandemic, primarily through waived COVID-19 treatment costs and less commonly through premium credits or reductions.

Earlier in the pandemic, relatively few COVID-19 patients would have been billed for their hospitalization because of the voluntary waivers extended by private insurers and employers. But as vaccines have become widely available to adults in the U.S. and health care utilization has rebounded more generally, health insurers may no longer face political or public relations pressure to continue waiving costs for COVID-19 treatment. As more waivers expire, more people hospitalized for COVID-19 – the vast majority of whom are unvaccinated – will likely receive significant medical bills for their treatment.

The typical deductible in employer health plans is $1,644, and our earlier analysis found that large group enrollees hospitalized with pneumonia (requiring similar treatment to those hospitalized with COVID-19) paid an average of over $1,300 out-of-pocket. Although this is a large amount to most patients, and could be an incentive to get vaccinated, it still only represents a fraction of the cost born to society for these largely preventable hospitalizations. Unvaccinated COVID-19 hospitalizations cost the U.S. health system $2.3 billion in June and July 2021."

Mike Geffert

Boycott away, first duty of Governments in the United States is to be small and unobtrusive, they are to provide for the good of the citizenry. E.g. Police, Fire, Ambulance, infrastructure. Their role is not to force supposed mandates down citizens throat's - we are citizens not subjects. Your right to boycott Culpepper is totally proper, as is my right to applaud the decision.

Joe Homas

Mike - based on your own statement,

"Their role is not to force supposed mandates down citizens throat's"

you clearly misread the article.

Culpeper County is not forcing mandates on anyone. The BOS is proposing actions that would prevent employers from imposing mandates on their employees which are in the interest of their employees and the community they serve.

As citizens, we are all obligated to honor a social contract which requires we all make occasional personal sacrifices for the greater good of the community. Those not willing to make these sacrifices are willingly and consciously removing themselves from society.

No one is forcing them to do anything. It is a choice Get vaccinated - remain in society. Refuse the vaccine - accept the consequences.


1) the plural of throat is throats, not throat's

2) Culpeper is spelled with only two "p"s

Be smart... get the vaccine.

Ronnie Lee

100% correct

Ronnie Lee


Allen Muchnick

If this idiotic resolution passes, I will boycott Culpeper County. I refuse to endanger my health by risking encounters with non-vaccinated individuals during a global pandemic.

The first duty of government is to safeguard the health and welfare of its citizens.

Harry Morant

I doubt if you ever go anywhere near Culpeper Country anyway. And I am SURE the residents of the county don’t give a rat’s behind what you do, and probably applaud you for staying as far away from them as you can. So back to you hovel, constantly peeping out your filthy windows, looking for the big bad boogie virus that is trying to get you, but most like won’t, because it is 99% survivable, with or without the vaccine! (That does not protect you from getting it anyway! Some vaccine!).

J Jonah Jameson

"If you don't like it you can geeeeet out!"

You're literally a South Park character. You realize that, right?

Ronnie Lee

Why should anyone get out ? If you want it get it ,if not don't . Don't tread on me . It's a personal decision

Harry Morant

The fact that you even admit to watching South Park tells me all I need to know about your, moron. You realize that, right?

Ronnie Lee

You are so right !

Kermit Robat


Are you vaccinated? If so, why do you care?

I'm vaccinated and do not give a hoot whether or not the person next to me is vaccinated, unvaccinated or infected with covid. I just don't care. That's the whole point of getting the vaccine.

Ronnie Lee

Yep !

Ronnie Lee

Go to the basement with uncle Joe , If you want the shot you should get it , if you don't don't . It should be your decision and not the government. In no way it's the government's job to force anyone to get vaccinated . Next year if the vaccine turns out bad by making your kids grow a extra arm out of their head you will be the first person at the door of ALLEN ,ALLEN AND ALLEN to take legal action against the government. PLEASE you do you and I will do me .

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